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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yesterday, 14th September, we rejoiced as our religious family grew!  Br Gerardo Maria of the Hours, F.SS.R. made his perpetual vows of Religion (Poverty, Chastity and Obedience), consecrating himself to God completely and for the rest of his life.  Br Seelos Maria of the Sign of the Cross, F.SS.R. made his temporary vows of Religion for three years

Br Seelos and Br Gerardo kneel before the Rector Major during the ceremony of Religious profession while he questions them on their determination to enter the Religious life.

 The candidates prostrate themselves while the Veni Creator Spiritus is chanted.  They are covered with the funeral pall which represents death to the world.

 Br Seelos Maria, F.SS.R. pronounces the three vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience for three years before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

 Br Gerardo Maria, F.SS.R. pronounces his three vows for life, adding to them the vow and oath of Perseverance until death.  He Places he places his right hand upon the Holy Gospel as he does so.

 Brother's vows are received by the superior.

 Br Seelos Maria, F.SS.R. receives his Palium.

 After the ceremony both the newly professed sign their certificates of profession upon the altar, completing the sacrifice they have made of their lives to God.

 Br Gerardo with his parents and brother.

Br Seelos with his parents.

We thank Thee, God, for these two courageous young men, ready and willing to dedicate their lives to Thy service.  Do Thou, in Thy mercy, grant them perseverance to the end.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for them.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brothers! Couldn't be more happy for you both!

umblepie said...

Congratulations, prayers, and best wishes to Brother Gerardo and Brother Seelos. Great photos!

Konstantin said...

God bless the Brothers!

Zephyrinus said...

Amen to all these Comments.

Deo Gratias for these additions
to the Religious Life.

Prayers are assured.

inkstain said...

Congratulations to Br. Gerardo and Br. Seelos, their families and the entire community!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Br. Gerardo Maria and Br. Seelos Maria

Frater Marcin Góral
Institut St. Philipp Neri

glenn de javing said...

God bless to my dear brothers in Christ, Br. Gerardo Maria and Br. Seelos Maria im so happy bout this good news. Congratulations my dear fathers and brothers my prayers are with you.

Anne B said...

A thrilling moment in time to be seen unfold in eternity! May God fill you both with efficacious Grace

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