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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus - source of life and sanctity

O most loving Jesus, Humbly prostrate before Thee in Thy Sacrament of love, we acknowledge Thee for our Lord and God, and we adore Thee with Thy Angels and Saints.
How great is Thy love for us! How great our ingratitude towards Thee! It pains us to see Thee so despised, forgotten and unknown. Before Thee, sinful and sorrowful, we acknowledge our sins and make reparation. For all the insults, irreverences, and outrages ever offered Thee in the Blessed Sacrament, we make reparation. For all the Masses neglected on Sundays and Holydays, for the Easter duty not made, and above all for the sacrilegious Communions ever received, we make reparation. For all our distractions, our coldness and our want of reverence at Holy Mass, at Communion and Benediction, we are sorry and we make reparation.
Give us, O dearest Jesus, the grace to know, to love and to serve Thee better. For the future, let our faith, our reverence and adoration be more worthy of Thee. Bless us, sweet Lord: forgive us every sin and fault; dismiss us with Thy peace in our hearts, and grant us the supreme happiness of one day seeing Thee face to face and possessing Thee together with Thy Holy Mother Mary and all Thy Angels and Saints forever in heaven. Amen.

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