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Thursday, June 21, 2007

St Cormac - 21st June

Feast of St Cormac 575 AD

  • The Acta Sanctorum records his feast on 21st June adding that he became abbot of Dormagensis. In the life of Saint Columba, founder of the monastery of Iona, Saint Adaman writes:

  • "At another time, a soldier of Jesus Christ, named Cormac, ... made a second attempt to discover in the ocean. He had sailed far from the land over the boundless ocean, when St Colomba, who was then staying in Drum Alban, recommended him in the following terms to the chief of the Orkney Isles, in presence of king Brude: 'Some of our brethren have lately set sail to discover a desert in the pathless sea; should they happen after many wanderings to come to the Orkneys, direct this chief, whose hostages are in your hands, to take measures that no evil shall befall them.' The saint recommended this precaution, because he knew that after a few months Cormac would arrive at the Orkneys. And so it came to pass, and to this timely recommendation of our saint, Cormac owed his escape from impending death.

  • "After a few months, whilst the saint was remaining in Hy [Iona], Cormac's name was mentioned in his presence by some persons in conversation, who were observing that it was not yet known whether the voyage of Cormac had been successful or otherwise. Upon hearing Cormac's name mentioned, the saint said: 'You will see Cormac about whom you are speaking, arriving here today.'

  • After about an hour, wonderful to relate, Cormac arrived and proceed to the Oratory, whilst all expressed their admiration and gave thanks to God for his safe return."

The 12th century Chapel dedicated to St Cormac (d.640)

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