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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A 'flying' visit to Papa Stronsay

Papa Stronsay's lighthouse is checked every now and again by the Northern Lighthouse Board. Usually they come out to the island by boat, however somethimes they come by helicopter. Today they flew in for a routine check on the Papa Stronsay Lighthouse.
The lighthouse team approach in the helicopter and make a circle of the landing site to check that everything's OK.

The helicopter prepares to land. The Papa Stronsay Lighthouse can be seen in the background

The Pilot, Jim Moseley, stands next to his aircraft,
talking with Rev. Fr Anthony Mary, C.SS.R.

The team work hard maintaining the lighthouse. The visit lasted for one hour .
There is no time to waste! After the hour's up, they all climb back into the helicopter, and they're off to the next job on Eday Calf

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Anonymous said...

I love Our Lady`s Garden and the photo of Father Michael Mary planting the kiwifruit plant is really special.
The blogsite is wonderful and the photo`s bring everyone closer to home. Take Care. Much Love Angela Holgate

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