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Monday, June 22, 2009

More from Rome

Another busy day in Rome!

The day began wonderfully with the great privilege of offering the Holy Mass in Saint Peter's.

After morning Mass we were able to take a good look around the Basilica.

The relics of the great Pope Saint Pius X.

The high altar was beautifully illuminated by the morning sun coming through the windows.

We also had the good fortune to clime the dome right to the top. The view of the Vatican and of all Rome was fantastic!

On the top of Saint Peter's.

A visit to the church of Saint Andrew, patron of Scotland.

And then to the Gesu. The Paintings in this Church are really amazing.

The relics of Saint Ignatius Loyola...

...and the incorrupt arm of Saint Francis Xavier.


Philip Gerard Johnson said...

I am glad to see you offering Holy Mass at the altar of St. Michael!

Whenever I visit Rome, I serve Mass for Msgr Calkins there every morning.

umblepie said...

Many thanks for the superb photographs allowing us to share in the magnificence of the Vatican. In case you are unaware, there seems to have been a slight glitch in the system as your most recent set of photographs runs straight into the previous set - without a break. Thus the heading 'More from Rome' is missing , as is the 'comments' section. Needless to say,this doesn't affect the impressive photo gallery. God bless all the Community, home and away!

SyrianCatholic said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful pilgrimage. Please say a prayer for this sinner in one of the holy places.

Jane Teresa said...

Thank you very much for all the delightful photographs. God bless your pilgrimage to Rome.

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