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Friday, February 04, 2011

Answering the Call - the clothing of a novice.

Answering the Call.

The Most Holy Redeemer
from atop the Cathedral of the Most Holy Saviour

is calling:

All that the Father giveth to me shall come to me;
and him that cometh to me,
I will not cast out. ...

No man can come to me,
except the Father,
who hath sent me, draw him;
and I will raise him up in the last day.

(John 6:44.)

On 2 February 2011,
Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
we celebrated
the Clothing of a Novice
and the mystery of the Religious Vocation.

During the ceremony the Holy Ghost is invoked
and the postulant
is covered with the funeral pall:
For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it:
and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel,
shall save it.

(Mark 8:35)

"I will die O lord for the love of Thy Love
who hast deigned to die
for the love of my love."

Many desire to become saints,
but wish that God would do all,

and that He would bring them to eternal glory
without labour or inconvenience to them.

But this is impossible.
Sometimes, to carry this yoke,
and merit everlasting happiness,
we must do violence to the feelings of flesh and blood.
The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away.
(Mt. 11:12.)
(St. Alphonsus -The True Spouse of Jesus Christ.)

O Disciple of Jesus I say to you,
hold fast that which thou hast,
that no man take thy crown.

(Apoc. 9:12.)
(St. Alphonsus -The True Spouse of Jesus Christ.)

Saint Clemens Maria Hofbauer.

Saint Clemens Maria pray for him!


thetimman said...

Great news! Prayers for him and for all the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Inkstain said...

Deo Gratias!

Congratulations to Br. Clemens.

May many more come to answer the call!

umblepie said...

Many congratulations, Brother Clemens. Great photographs.You and all the Community remembered always in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Deo Gratias et Mariae!Congratulations Br.Clemens,Vivat in Aeternum!Be assured of our prayers here in the South Pole,please pray for us.Owards from Pole to Pole!Br.Xavier Maria,F.SS.R

Patricia Kenyon said...

Sweetest congratulations to you, Br. Clemens. I will remember you in my prayers. Please remember the Kenyon family of Ohio in your prayers.

Thanks be to God.

Michelle Therese said...

What wonderful happy news!!!

Gertrude said...

Ad multos annos Brother Clemens. My prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praise and Thanksgiving to God for you Brother Clemens. Your in my Prayers, please say a pray for some special intentions of mine. Thank you Brother and may God Bless you and your Holy Vocation. Bruce Chuff, Columbus, Ohio USA

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