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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Papa Stronsay from the past

The Old Papay Gallery has been launched on featuring photos from the 1930s which were kindly given to us by Mrs Nan Scott. Any additional photographs or information concerning existing photographs would be gratefully received.

I think that readers will be surprised to learn
that the entire web-site
from start to finish
is the work of members of the
monastery on Papa Stronsay
and not a production
of professional web designers.

I am very impressed with the attention to detail
that has gone into this site:
making a masthead like the one above
reflects taste and talent
and the technical side of producing an e-shop,
drop down menus and videos,
is, in a humble way,
something to be proud of,
and something that I do not want to let pass
without acknowledgment
and a word of thanks.

Over the past months, much to my edification,
I have seen the Brothers
using mere snippets of time
or days of recreation,
to put the site together;
evocative of their Holy Father Saint Alphonsus
who vowed "to never waste a moment of time"
and who exercised himself with zeal
for the apostolate of the pen.

May God's holy Providence use the site
and may all we publish
ever be to God's greater Glory
and for the salvation of souls.

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.


umblepie said...

Magnificent photographs! A unique social history of tough and resilient islanders. Yet it was surely always thus, going back many centuries to the time of the first monastic community. And now things have gone full circle, with the 'Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer' glorifying God joyfully and cheerfully,in a sometimes harsh environment, through prayer, work, and example, not forgetting the important 'apostolate' of the internet, and certainly bringing many blessings on themselves, their friends, and all those they serve world-wide. 'Deo Gratias'

Cruise the Groove. said...

Dear Father Michael Mary and the Sons,
Just a side note.
Apparently your story about the miracle of Bl John XXIII healing the sick nun made it to the "Wikki Missa" Traditional Latin Mass site of the FSSPX in North Carolina, scroll to the bottom of page:

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