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Sunday, February 06, 2011


A few nights ago we had a really big storm with wind gusts reaching up to 127 mph. The next day the high tide at midday was very high and combined with the wind it caused the water to come over the pier.

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Michelle Therese said...

Ohhh that was a bad storm! At several points I could hear the distinct "hurricane howl" like some kind of massive hoover ripping at the air overhead. It was seriously scary! I shook Erlend awake and was howling myself: "Is the house going to come apart?!?!" Our **stone** house was swaying in the wind!

Being a native Orcadian, Erlend mumbled something about "...iz fine..." and slept through the whole thing!! Meanwhile I was waiting for a cow to fly through the bedroom window or something!!

You can imagine our surprise when, upon rising the next day, we found that Elspeth's plastic "jumping horse" thing she bounces on outside... was STILL THERE! Standing perfectly upright next to the battered, toppled slide. Ok, yeah, the jumping horse has a wide base but even still!!!

Erlend said this was because, "Ack, it had shelter from the trees."

I couldn't help but glance around at the scrubby bushes that pass as "trees" here in Orkney. Seems to me that there would be more of a chance of God Himself holding the bounch horse in place so He can have a laugh in the morning ~ then these "trees" providing any manner of shelter from those winds!!

Alas, even this windy pounding has not been enough to keep the snowdrops and catkins at bay!

Much love fae all o' us on the farm!

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