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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Mass of All Time -a sign of our times.

Don Nicola Bux on the forthcoming
Instruction on the Motu Proprio:

Monsignor Nichola Bux is a consultant to
the Office of Liturgical celebrations of the Holy Father.

Here is one question from the interview he granted
to the Italian daily Avanti
which was published today and
translated from the Italian by
Rorate Caeli:

How many obstacles is the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum on the pre-Conciliar Mass facing?

I believe that, currently, the obstacles are becoming feebler than at the time in which the Motu proprio was issued, in 2007. Through the internet, one can see how there is a discreet movement of young people who look for and, as much as it is possible, go to the Traditional Mass, also called the Latin Mass or Mass of All Time. And this, I believe, is a very important sign to gather.

It is clear that the pastors of the Church, first the bishops and then the parish priests, although often saying that we must be able to grasp the signs of the times, an expression very much in use after Vatican II, often fail to understand that the signs of the times are not defined by them, but they happen and are regulated mainly by young people. I think this is the most interesting symptom, because, if [only] the elderly, the adults, went to the Traditional Mass, one might harbor a suspicion that it is nostalgia. The fact that it is mostly young people who seek and participate in the Latin Mass is completely unexpected and therefore deserves to be read, understood, and particularly accompanied by the bishops.

I think the Pope acknowledges this and that is why he intends to make a further contribution through an instruction on the application of the motu proprio, to help everyone understand that, in addition to the new form of the Roman Rite, there is the ancient or extraordinary form.

Thanks to Rorate Caeli.

Don Nicola Bux
after Mass in Coimbra, Portugal.


Anonymous said...

I believe that a new generation of young priests, formed by the Old Mass, will signal the end of the New Mass.

Cruise the Groove. said...

"I believe that a new generation of young priests, formed by the Old Mass, will signal the end of the New Mass."

If all Catholic seminaries mandate that seminarians learn the Old Mass, this might happen,
otherwise it will take a miracle.

Ken said...

So thankful that our Holy Father recognizes the need for the restoration of the Ancient Rite that helped form so many of the great Saints! May this counter-revolution spread throughout our Holy Church like a wildfire!!!! Deo Gratias!!!

Anonymous said...

CtG, I was actually thinking of the relative handful of seminarians trained in FSSP, ICK, and other traditional seminaries, who will act as the "little leaven that leaveneth the whole lump". It won't take a miracle in the strict sense, just a bit of time and a lot of faith.

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