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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sator autem Christus.

...Sator autem Christus...
...and the Sower is Christ...

Semen est verbum Dei, sator autem Christus:
omnis qui ínvenit eum, manebit in ætérnum.
The seed is the word of God, and the Sower is Christ;
if any man find Him, he shall never be moved.

(Magnificat Antiphon: Tuesday of Sexigesima.)

1 comment:

Transalpine Redemptorists said...


Thank you for deleting your blog.

To your observation: silent support;

explaination unnecessary, discernable to the powers of sympathetic consideration;

negative to your use of 'unilateral' and 'agreement'.

In addition:

Negative to Alcatraz;

didn't know about the Mgr or his whereabouts;

do blog in Lent cf past years;

send me your real name address and telephone number and I'll try to visit you if possible.

Best wishes for a holy Lent.

Fr. MM

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