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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Third Sunday in Lent.

Third Sunday in Lent.
Station at St. Lawrence Without the Walls.
(S. Lorenzo fuori le mura.)

Interior of San Lorenzo
The Laurentian basilica owes its foundation to Constantine,
but being considered too small,
a large upper aula
was added to it by Pope Pelagius II (A.D. 578 - 590)
and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For this reason Pope Leo IV (A.D. 847 - 855)
decreed that the Station for the Octave of the Assumption
should be held there.

The Gospel of today alludes to this dedication
by praising the great Mother of God,
who not only gave Her own substance to form the sacred humanity
of the Lord's Anointed, but was, on Her part,
nourished spiritually by the divine Word and lived thereby.

Let us pray.

(In Dominica III. Quadragesimae)

Quarti nunc et decimi diei de nostrorum dierum...

Having now passed the fourteenth day of this season,
which forms the tithe of our year,
we lift up our eyes to Thee, O Lord,
who dwellest in heaven.

Show mercy to the miserable,
and heal them that are wounded.

Grant that the journey we have begun
may be prosperous.
Direct our hearts in the way of Thy commandments.

Through Thee may we find theway of light;
through Thee may we be inflamed
with the bright burning of Thy love.

Grant rest to our labours;
that having gained Thy good-pleasure
by our observance of t hese days,
we may deserve to be partakers of Thy glory. Amen.

(Mozarabic breviary)


Oliver said...

Why is your head full of Rome? She does not want any degree of Lefebvrite disobedience. Convert to full conciliarism and please your Scotch bishop. The power inside the modern church lies there. Rome is merely a place of ghosts and old bones. And fading memories ......

the least said...

Dear Oliver,

Please correct me if I misunderstand you, but I would say that the strength and soul of the Church is God. And if God chooses to hide his Face for a time, who could gainsay Him?

When a person is immersed in the dark night of the soul, is it right for the person to just give up the perceived "pretense" of believing? Others could surely persuade the person that they should see in the darkness that there is no God or that God is turned away from him for his faults and he is lost, but would it be right?

Souls in darkness need light, need to be led, need to pray to be led.

I don't wish to say your confidence in your position is misplaced given some of the possible implications of that, but I would say that I, for one, am unsure of my own bearings though I am within the Church and am immensely thankful for the light and bearing that the F.SS.R. give me, a sinner.


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