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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Fisher of Men launches out into the deep.

On Sunday the Holy Father visited Venice.

From the Papa Stronsay perspective
it is great to see the Pope on water.
He is the world's greatest fisherman.

The Fisher of Men sallies forth.

With 300,000 souls there to meet him and receive him
his net will be well full by day's end.

He proclaimed:

Belonging to Christ today
runs the risk of being emptied of its truth and its deepest elements:
"It runs the risk of becoming a perspective
that only touches life superficially,
in the aspects that are just social and cultural."

He warned and urged:

Do not be content with a Christianity
"in which the experience of faith in Jesus, crucified and risen,
does not enlighten the path of existence."

"Be holy!"
"Put Christ at the center of your lives.
Build the edifice of your existence upon him."

(Pope Benedict XVI, Venice.)


Whitesmokeahoy said...

Great post, Father.

Anne B said...

May God protect the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, guide him home between the Two Pillars to the Everlasting Port, and all of us with him!

Peter Simpson said...

Do you have the gondola ready for the crossing between Stronsay and Papa Stronsay?

Michelle Therese said...

The Holy Father sure knows how to ride in style!!

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