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Monday, May 30, 2011

Photos of Our Lady of Christchurch procession

Thanks to Lenore Hayes for sending us photos of the great procession held in Christchurch, New Zealand, in honour of Mary Immaculate. There was a terrific turnout of 400 - 500 people.

The statue of Our Lady of Christchurch carried here in procession, turned 180 degrees during the earthquake which rocked the city, to face directly out of the cathedral window and look out over the city.

The statue was damaged while being rescued from the ruins of the cathedral, and was marvellously restored by the Carmelite nuns Christchurch.
From left to right: Br. Paul Mary, F.SS.R. Fr. Rizzo. F.S.S.P. and Br. Xavier Maria, F.SS.R. walk the statue.

His Lordship Bishop Barry Jones consecrates the city of Christchurch to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The crowned Queen!

Sweet Mary, our Lady and Queen, Pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rev Father,just wanting to say a Big Thank you to all who helped out with the May Procession of Our Lady of Christchurch.From prayers-to permissions,advertising,photography,choir,serving,bearers,donations of flowers,lending of bier,decorator of bier,too many to name,you know who you are and so does Our Blessed Mother Mary, and all those who turned out for the May crowning.May Our Lady of Christchurch protect and guide you and all your families to the safe harbour of salvation.To Jesus through Mary.God bless!Onwards from Pole to Pole!your devoted son Br.Xavier Maria,F.SS.R

Anne B said...

Amen to that, Brother!

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