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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Release the Bees!

Papa Stronsay’s large greenhouse is a great blessing for our community, but much of the pollinating has to be done by hand, which is quite a task! Therefore, we have put a hive of bumblebees into the greenhouse to see if they can help us out a bit. We got the bees from Buzz Organics who are an excellent company. Why not check out their site if you’re after something for your garden/greenhouse?

The hive is contained in this plastic box. You can clearly see here the two access holes, which in this photo are both sealed. The hole on the left acts like a valve, allowing the bees to enter but not to exit. Through the right hand hole the bees may both enter and exit. When the bees are ready to ship, the right hand hole is sealed, and as the bees return to the hive through the "valve" entrance, they become trapped and cannot escape. Then the left hole is also sealed and the hive can be mailed to its destination.

Watch the bees as they begin their new life in our greenhouse!


Anonymous said...

This is just the bee's knees! Fantastical!

Peter Simpson said...

I trust you will be making your own Paschal Candle for Easter 2012, with Papa Stronsay beeswax!

umblepie said...

I had not realised how necessary and important bees are - that is until I opened the dictionary:-


It seems that bees get everywhere, although we hope that your bees will be good bees, and apart from their labours, will remain in their cells. Peace bee with you!

Anonymous said...

The bees are doing a fantastic job. Every day we see them on the strawberry flowers and the logan berries etc. It is great to have them. Fr A

Sharon said...

Why bumble bees and are you running the risk of being stung?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon
First of all, bumble bees are the best pollinators around - much better than honey bees. There is almost no chance of being stung. They are the most docile insects around. You can watch them close up, even handle them and they are fine. I had one on my finger yesterday. Fr Anthony Mary

Friends of Papa Stronsay said...

What a brilliant video and what a great idea - based on an original concept by God!

Michelle Therese said...

This is so cool!!!

We also have bees ~ two hives here on the farm. They don't belong to us but the owners are kindly giving us beekeeping lessons. :-)

Bees are scary closeup in my face but I still love them hehehe

Michelle Therese said...

p.s. Father is a brave man. I would have run for my life as soon as I opened the lid hah!

So nice to see ~ from the security of a computer screen!

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