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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The exceeding was happily misleading

The previous post has been deleted because it was misleading.
In the videoclip the Pope held out his hand,
not to be shaken
but to introduce the German President
to the gathered Cardinals and Bishops.

We extend out thanks to those who clarified what was happening in the clip.

If you saw the clip on this blog
I am sorry that you were misled;
we were too.

If it is unfortunate that
everything that glitters is not gold,
it is a blessing when
much that first appear exceeding,
is only misleading.

The misleading clip.


Anonymous said...

Clearly some of the bishops thought that the Pope was extending his hand to be shaken, and they shook his hand. I'm sure that these ceremonials can be confusing for all involved.

Of course, the fact remains that the German bishops show their disrespect for the pope in other, more substantial ways.


Anonymous said...

One of the virtues of the late, great Hamish Fraser was his ability to apologise speedily after he had erred.

It's good to see the same greatnesss of heart here at the FSsR.

Anonymous said...

It was an easy mistake to make given the recent history of the German hierarchy. Still, I'm glad this particular scandal turned out to be no scandal at all.

That having been said, we have the enormous scandal of October 27 (Assisi) still to look forward to!! There will be no doubting the public dishonouring of Our Lord by those he loves on that occasion. I wonder how many will silently acquiesce in the name of obedience?

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

@ Son of Phineas
Prayers will be offered for you.

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