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Friday, October 07, 2011

Of blocks and building, steps and mortar.

The blocks of a building are bonded by mortar.
The mortar that knits together
the living building of the Church
is Charity.

But above all these things have charity,
which is the bond of perfection.
(Col 3:14)

This first part of October
has been for us a time for
monastery blocks and mortar;
and for the
Ecclesial blocks of monks and abbots
Bishops and Cardinals
knit together by charity
the bond of perfection.

Today on Papa Stronsay
the Holy Mass was offered for
His Lordship Bishop Fellay
and the Fathers gathered together
at Albano
to consider the Doctrinal Preamble
proposed by Cardinal Levada.

Papay from the sea.

With winter coming in
a step is prepared at the enclosure arch
to keep everyone clear of the mud.

Not far away on the same day,
it was mortar and blocks.

But above all these things have charity,
which is the bond of perfection.
And let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts,
wherein also you are called in one body:
and be ye thankful.
(Col 3:15)

Brother rubs down the blocks.

The step is on its way here;
I hear that the concrete was finally poured today!

Another photo is yet to come.

Leaving Papay in the distance.

We were invited to attend the
Blessing the the Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey.
Six of us were present there for the occasion
including Brothers Paul Mary and Xavier Maria
who this evening are on their way home
to Christchurch, New Zealand;
May the Holy Angels guide them safely to,
and protect them on,
their Shakey Isle
South Island.

We were welcomed at Pluscarden Abbey
by the community
their new Abbot, Dom Anselm, O.S.B.
who was Blessed by the former Abbot,
His Lordship Bishop Hugh, O.S.B.

But above all these things have charity,
which is the bond of perfection.
And let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts,
wherein also you are called in one body:
and be ye thankful.
(Col 3:14-15)

Rt. Reverend Hugh Gilbert, O.S.B.
Bishop of Aberdeen.

With His Eminence
Keith Patrick Cardinal O'Brien,
our Metropolitan,
Pluscarden Abbey.

But above all these things have charity,
which is the bond of perfection.
And let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts,
wherein also you are called in one body:
and be ye thankful.
(Col 3:14-15)


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Father. Thank you for sharing!

Anne B said...

"How good it is and how pleasant where brethren live in unity!" (Ps 132) May God be blessed, and the Church and all mankind reap the benefits!

Jack said...

Does anyone know what the text of this Doctrinal Preamble that has been submitted to the SSPX says?

Is it anywhere on line, or is it privy to CDF and SSPX?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,

The Doctrinal Preamble, for now, is not being released - for good reason I believe. So, yes, it is only privy to the CDF and the SSPX who are currently discussing its contents in Albano.

However, the news I have heard is that should the SSPX agree to the Doctrinal Preamble, it will be released.

Personally, I am not all that concerned with what is in the the document. Time is better spent in prayer than the nitty gritty details of a Preamble intended for the superiors of the SSPX. I just pray that the SSPX agree and submit to Peter.

May Gods will be done.

Jack said...


I would prefer to say, "Be reconciled and restored to full regular visible communion with Peter," but I agree with you.

I have seen statements by certain fringe people making a distinction between "conciliar Rome" and "eternal Rome", which is nothing more than the Protestant notion of the "visible" vs. the "invisible true" church.

To my sorrow, however, I have seen the identical words used by leaders of the SSPX.

Anonymous said...

Although I have been critical of the FSSPX, I believe that the Society's reconciliation with Rome shall be a tremendous blessing to the Catholic Church. Pray it happens soon. As a "Novus Ordo" Catholic (by compulsion, not preference), I feel that we all have a stake in the outcome of this process.


Anonymous said...


If there is a "hermeneutic of continuity" in respect to ecumenism between the Popes and Councils of "eternal Rome" and those of "Conciliar Rome" then I would be very grateful if you would provide me with details. As far as I can see by my study in the matter, ecumenism forms part of the "hermeneutic of rupture" with the Church's past.

If I am correct, then it is not the SSPX which stands on the fringe but rather the liberals of the present era.

It is sobering to think that those who uphold the Traditional teaching and practices of the Church, passed on without change for almost 2000 years, are today called "the fringe," yet just 50 years ago the fringe, as pointed out by St. Pius X, constitued those who wanted to reform the Catholic religion through modernism.

You must remember that the SSPX has altered nothing of the deposit of faith handed down through the generations. The same cannot be said of Modernist and liberal Rome. By their fruits, and all that!!

Anonymous said...


It is not adherence to Tradition that makes the FSSPX "fringe". It is their obstinate and haughty refusal to reconcile with the Vicar of Christ. May they soon follow the salutary example of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, who, it can happily be said, have not only "altered nothing of the deposit of faith handed down through the generations", but have also accepted the paternal embrace of the Holy Father.


Anonymous said...


"obstinate and haughty" can hardly be attributed to those who have thus far offered many tens of millions of Rosaries in spiritual bouquets to the Holy Father. Are you certain of your harsh judgement?

As regards reconciliation with the Holy Father, I advise a re-read of my previous comments. We all love the Pope, but facts are facts, or rather fruits are fruits. The SSPX holds that while the Pope may be sometimes infallible he is not at all times impeccable, as the scandals of Assisi and beatification of Pope John Paul II amply demonstrate.

It is true that this present Holy Father has done some good things for Tradition, but he is also committed to condemned ecumenism and the liberal reforms of Vatican II. Sadly, Tradition and Modernism cannot co-exist in the true Church of Our Lord. Furthermore, there is rebellion in the hierarchy against Tradition and the Pope seems unable to act to suppress it.

Professor Georg May, a senior Canonist and priest of 40 years good standing in the Church, has already noted that it is not the SSPX which refuses communion with the Bishops, but rather the Bishops who refuse communion with the SSPX.

Frankly, the Church is in a mess and the hierarchy is, as Sister Lucy of Fatima wrote, victims of a "diabolical disorientation."

The Mass is but one problem affecting the faith of Catholics today. It is simply insufficient to say, then, that a rehabilitation of the ancient rite for a relatively small number of faithful signifies an end our duty to stand firm against a multitude of other errors causing harm to the Church. Wrong is wrong, and we are obliged to declare it no matter how many false accusations of schism and disobedience are thrown at us.

Anonymous said...


The FSSPX refuse to submit to the Vicar of Christ until he meets their standard of impeccability. I describe that stance as "obstinate and haughty", I don't care if they offer a billion rosaries. Oh, I know, it's not "their" standard, but rather the standard of "eternal Rome" that the FSSPX bravely carry. The fact remains that the FSSPX stubbornly and arrogantly refuse communion with the Holy Father, except it be on their terms. Like you said, Athanasius, wrong is wrong. The FSSPX are right about a great many things, but in separating themselves from the Pope (pious bouquets notwithstanding,) they are wrong.


Anonymous said...


You see the speck in the eye of the SSPX and miss the beam in the eye of the Hierarchy. If you wish to find the source of true disobedience to the Holy See, and true dissent from the Catholic faith, then you must look to the Episcopal Conferences. I'll give you Communion in the hand and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to start you off.

No one, it seems, is too concerned about whether or not the bishops behind these scandals are in full communion with Rome. I wonder why everyone is so preoccupied with the SSPX, which, I state again, is guilty only of refusing what the Church has always refused and rejected.

anointedruins said...


The bishops behind the scandals that you mention will answer for their misdeeds. However, none of those bishops, to my knowledge, have separated themselves from Peter by a formally schismatic act. That is the "speck" in the eye of the FSSPX.


Anonymous said...


Do you mean schism de jure or schism de facto in respect to those Bishops still considered to be officially in good standing with Rome?

Just because the Holy See has been remiss in dealing with the real rebels in the hierarchy, seemingly only intent on singling out those who maintain fidelity to tradition for particular scorn, doesn't mean these rebel Bishops actually are in communion with the Papacy.

As for the SSPX Bishops, it seems you have gone one further than the Holy See by describing Archbishop Lefebvre's consecration of Bishops as "a formally schismatic act."

Schism, as you should know, requires more than an act of disobedience to the Pope in the consecration of bishops without Papal mandate. It requires a complete repudiation of Papal authoruty, such as in the case of Protestantism. Hence, it is not possible, by Canon Law, the teaching of the Church or official Vatican statements, to sustain a claim of schism against the SSPX. It's a good weapon for the liberal, but alas not true.

Cardinal Castrillion Hoyos himself described the SSPX situation as an internal matter of discipline for the Church. "They are not schismatic," said the Cardinal, "they are in the Church."

You do have to be very careful what you write in the public domain in relation to these issues, lest you do more damage to souls than good. Remember, we will answer to God for every careless word.

The SSPX does not deserve these accusations of "schism," especially since it is precisely to combat the post-Conciliar schism of many in the hierarchy with the Church's Sacred Tradition that this institution was forced into existence,(initially with the blessing of the Holy See).

As I said before, if you can demonstrate to me the hermeneutic of continuity that exists in the New Mass and Modernist doctrines of the pastoral Vatican II with the Church's past, then I will most certainly obey. My obedience till then is given entirely to the unaltered magisterial teaching of the ages, and to Pope Benedict XVI when he confirms that teaching. I am, after all, a free child of the Church not a slave to the inventors of novelty, no matter who they may be.

Anonymous said...

You do have to be very careful what you write in the public domain in relation to these issues, lest you do more damage to souls than good. Remember, we will answer to God for every careless word.

Fine words of advice, Athanasius, to which certain supporters of the FSSPX and detractors against the Holy Father should take heed.

The illicit consecrations were a formal act of schism, according to Blessed Pope John Paul II. Of course this does not mean that the FSSPX as a whole are in a state of full blown schism, like the Orthodox and Protestants. The words "formal act of schism" were not meant by me to be taken in that sense. Those words are accurate in the sense that I intended.

That's all that I have to say on the matter. Please pray for my soul.


Transalpine Redemptorists said...

@ All
Thank you to all who have contributed to this thread.

This thread is now closed.

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

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