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Friday, October 21, 2011

Prayers please for a man of prayer.

The old Exarch.
Ecce sacerdos magnus...
Behold a great priest...

Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, CSSR
is seriously ill tonight
and in intensive care in Paris.
Please offer a Hail Mary for him.

Here is a man of the Church and of his Ukrainain Rite.
Still at his post at 83 years of age.
Humble, prayerful, learned.

Bishop Hrynchyshyn
has been the promoter of the Cause for
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytski
for several decades.

Always a father.
This is a true bishop.
Please pray for him tonight.

He is the Apostolic Exarch of France, Benelux and Switzerland
for the Ukrainians
since his appointment on 21 October 1982.
He was consecrated bishop on 30 January 1983.


inkstain said...

Thank you Father, will keep him in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for His Excellency!

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