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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bishop Fellay.

An edifying presentation by Bishop Fellay.

Bishop Fellay speaks.
Our hearts and prayers support him.


Jane said...

Yes, indeed they do.

David O'Neill said...

Although not a supporter of the SSPX I do have a certain sympathy with their aims but not with their methods. Following on from the SSPX request for a Novena to pray for a successful outcome to the talks between the Holy See & SSPX, the LMS has also asked its members to offer a Novena for the same intention.
I was impressed with Bishop Fellay's talk content & trust that there will not be a split within SSPX as, together with the LMS & others of like mind, we should be more effective against the liberal arm of the Church.

Jack said...

For years I've been praying that the SSPX will be regularized with the Church.

I also pray that clearly schismatic groups such as the SSPV will be reconciled and return to communion with the Church.

Michelle Therese said...

If God wants the SSPX "ain't nothin' gonna stand in the way" as we would say back home :-)

God is good!

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