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Friday, May 25, 2012

Jesus and Mary go with ye!

Afore ye go.
Fr. Anthony Mary and the Brothers
before they depart for the 80 mile pilgrimage
between Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
and Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres, France.
The pilgrimage begins tomorrow 
and closes on Monday 28, May. 

With banners flying. 
Br. Seelos bearing the banner of
the Most Holy Redeemer on Golgotha.
The sturdy wooden banner hafts were made 
by our friend Surik. Thank you!

  "Make Her known!"
Blessed Pius IX gave Redemptorists the command
to "Make Her known".
Mr. Esteben with the banner of 
the Mother of Perpetual Succour.

"Few but good!"
The little band takes to the sea to join 
the throng of 15,000 pilgrims.

In this storm battered boat 
they are an image of a missionary monastery:
a religious family afloat on the sea of the world 
holding aloft the banners of Jesus Crucified 
and Most Holy Mary;
They are making for the Port of Salvation themselves,
and they want to take others with them, as they go.
Afore ye go, and when ye go, and as ye go:
Jesus and Mary go with ye!


Konstantin said...

Fr. Anthony's missionary cross is beautiful.He's probably the only priest in the world wearing one like that at the moment!

Michelle Therese said...

Somehow I missed that enormous cross until Konstantin mentioned it. Fantastic!!

May you have a lovely pilgrimage walk, Father and Brothers!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not planning to go all the way to France in that battered little boat!

Wishing you all Peace in Christ - and a safe and successful journey!

Anne B said...

It was thrilling to read this post and to gaze on the images of these men without guile! May they blaze the trail through the Pathless Sea and may we follow them, into that Glorious Port!

Anne B said...

A thrilling image!

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