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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

O Columba spes Scotorum

12 May 562 - 12 May 2012

Saturday, 12 May 2012,
the 1450th Anniversary
of  St. Columba's
arrival in 

Columba chose as his place of settlement the island of Hy or Iona, 
generally  known as Hy-Columbkille
~ the island, that is, of Columba ~
a part of the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada. 
The landing was effected on Whitsunday, the 12th of May 562.

 The island formed at that time the boundary 
between the Dalriadan Picts on one side, 
and the northern Picts on the other, 
and must in consequence have had a peculiar attraction for St Columba, 
as a central point for his missionary labours. 
On the eastern side of the island soon arose the cells of the monks, 
constructed of wood and earth.

Such was the obscure and insignificant beginnings of 
St Columba and his monks in Scotland.
They were destined in the course of time to bestow upon millions of men 
the benefits of  religion, culture, and civilisation. 

 St. Columba at the fort of Bruide, 
king of the Northern Picts.

In honour of St Columba 
Os mutorum, lux cecorum, pes clausorum,
Mouth of the dumb, light of the blind, foot of the lame,
porrige lapsis manum.
to the fallen stretch out your hand.
Firma vanum et insanum corrige.
Strengthen the senseless, restore the mad.

O Columba spes Scotorum
O Columba, hope of Scots,
nos tuorum meritorum
by your merits' mediation,
interventu beatorum 
make us companions
fac consortes angelorum.
of the blessed angels.

(From the Inchcolm Antiphoner-
written in Scotland  about 1340).



Conchúr said...

Not related to your post I'm afraid but I thought you should know; John Hunwicke is included on the 2012 Ordination list for the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham.

Mark said...

...and on his Feast Day (9 June), the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Stephen Robson will be consecrated auxiliary Bishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh!


Supertradmum said...

Thank you for the reminder of this great saint. God bless your ministries online and all your prayers. We need a renewal in Scotland of Catholicism.

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