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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Novena Parish

On their way home from the seminary, our students broke their trip with Fr. Francis Wadsworth in Saint Marie's parish in Bury, near Manchester. It fits in with a recent post regarding the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour, since Father also has the Novena in his parish, and they were privileged to be able to attend. Some photos are below.

Father was also able to offer them the Holy Mass in the Tridentine Rite every day while they were there. He often offers the Old Rite in his parish.

Thank you Father and may God bless you!

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St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

Let me thank you for the very appreciated e-mail you have sent me on occasion of the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Reading your post, Rev. Father, I have been very pleased with knowing that your students have received a warm welcome at Fr. Francis Wadsworth's parish in Bury.
This confirms that Redemptorists, "strong in faith, rejoicing in hope, burning with charity, on fire with zeal, in humility at heart and persevering in prayer", are considered a pillar of the Church.

May God compensate you


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