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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Facts of Life -"wheat for paradise.... or chaff for hell...?"

St Alphonsus, Useful Doctor,
Tireless Preacher
This evening I received an email from a reader of The Alphonsianum who was struck to the quick by these words from our Saint:

This earth is the place for meriting, and therefore it is a place for suffering. Our true country, where God has prepared for us repose in everlasting joy, is paradise.
We have but a short time to stay in this world; but in this short time we have many labors to undergo: Man born of a woman, living for a short time, is filled with many miseries.
We must suffer, and all must suffer; be they just, or be they sinners, each one must carry his cross. He that carries it with patience is saved; he that carries it with impatience is lost.
St. Augustine says, the same miseries send some to paradise and some to hell: “One and the same blow lifts the good to glory, and reduces the bad to ashes.”
The same saint observes, that by the test of suffering the chaff in the Church of God is distinguished from the wheat: he that humbles himself under tribulations, and is resigned to the will of God, is wheat for paradise; he that grows haughty and is enraged, and so forsakes God, is chaff for hell.


Confiteor said...

Dear Fr. Michael Mary,

May the words of St. Alphonsus serve as a turning point for many souls during this time of crisis.

God bless you!

Confiteor said...

In the days and weeks to come, my blog will feature meditations on the current crisis of the Church as lived through the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the passage from St. Alphonsus -- it has inspired me!

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

I was deeply moved by the Joseph Remondini's post entitled:
" Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ - Patience ".

Quoting St. Teresa he writes: < " Alas, how ready are the greatest part of men to take alarm at the bare mention of crosses, of humiliations, and of afflictions!

Nevertheless, there are many souls who find all their delight in suffering, and who would be quite disconsolate did they pass their time on this earth without suffering. The sight of Jesus crucified (said a devout person) renders the cross so lovely to me, that it seems to me I could never be happy without suffering; the love of Jesus Christ is sufficient for me for all. " >

In this secular age, Reverend Father, it is a sad truth that someone rejects this theological interpretation of the suffering
as it is a bitter reality that many people get frightened to the only thought that
" ... by the test of suffering the chaff in the Church of God is distinguished from the wheat ... ".
May God open their minds.


Dear Mrs Felicia Coffey, my prayers are with you and with your little daughter Mary.
Please do not lose the Faith.


God bless


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