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Thursday, July 02, 2009


As you know, we have no electricity lines, no water or gas...or anything in fact coming over to Papa Stronsay from the neighbouring islands. This means that we have to get our electricity from a diesel generator, and our hot water system is run by kerosene, as with many other people in Orkney. Therefore, shipping fuel to the Island is a fairly regular part of our life. Below are a few pictures of the fuel-run done yesterday.

Fr. Anthony Mary backs the tank onto the St. Alphonsus.

Then the tank is taken the short distance to neighbouring Stronsay.

Setting sail!

The St. Alphonsus recently arrived in Orkney, and has been a great help to us.

Fr. Anthony carefully brings the boat alongside the pier.

The tractor and tank are driven off...

...and Br. Louis Marie adjusts the ropes.

The shed in which the diesel and kerosene are stored

Using the red pump on the right...

The diesel is moved from here... here.

Then back to the boat for Papa Stronsay. Br. Louis Marie stores the ropes.



Coffee Catholic said...

The men that stick with Golgatha Monastery have to have some seriously hearty vocations!!! Island living is complicated. Island-within-an-island living looks even more so!

How fares The Boat of Doom? I never really thought about the other boat, St. Alphonsus, but now I see that it IS a huge help to tractor-driving island monks!!

God bless! Don't overheat in this weather!

Anonymous said...


Bonne fête de la Visitation de la très sainte Vierge à tous !



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