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Friday, July 03, 2009

Sing me a happy song!

One day within thy courts...
Today I was informed that we must now wait until after the Summer Holidays (October, December ...) before anything more is able to be done for us. We are grateful for what has been done.

For some of our SSPX friends, this is the kind of hitch that makes them believe that they cannot trust the Church, especially the hierarchy and the Holy See; and that we, Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, were wrong to make our reconciliation in the first place.

That is foolish nonsense.

For the Church is the Body of Christ
and we
(all of us, and especially priests)
must submit to the Church
and trust Her to the end...

As Job said for us all:
"Although He should kill me
yet will I trust in Him"
(Job 13:15).

And as the Holy Ghost puts on our lips to pray:
"... For better is one day in Thy courts
above thousands.
I have chosen to be
an abject in the house of my God..."
Jesus, I trust in Thee!

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.


Julian said...

Totally agree Father,

as you and yours well know there is no kingdom without a Cross. No resurrection without Crucifixtion. Permit me to pray for all your intentions and let us embrace our Cross together. Glory be to the father the Son and the Holy Ghost, Your love is ferocious.

Kind regards Julian Corboy Australia.

David said...

Dear Fr. Michael Mary,

I will continue to pray for progress in the matter of your regularization.

Let us also pray for the Society of St. Pius X, who are under attack by leftist forces in Germany and throughout Europe. Society priests and faithful are now hounded by the police. The Sodomites, the Greens, and the Jews (at least their activist leaders) want the SSPX eradicated from Europe. Their end game is the destruction of Holy Mother Church. If the Holy Father does not do something to formally recognize the SSPX, I fear that the Society will cease to exist in Europe.

On a more personal note, your promise of prayers at the holy altar combined with the BBC documentary about your community has brought our friend Scott to tears -- not unlike what happened to Adam Nichols. :-)

Aussie Catholic said...

The waiting of a patient Lord,

Who waits for me to wait for Him !

Prayers as you wait.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's a happy song...


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

I hope you will reach your goals very soon.

With All Respect

Anonymous said...

Dear Fathers and Brothers in Christ,

I love your blog and log on a few times a week to see what is going on. I love and admire your devotion to Holy Mother Church and traditional monastic life. The church needs you more than ever!

Rejoice and be glad, you have been accepted back into the heart of the Church our Mother. The Bishop in Aberdeen has made you welcome, celebrated mass in the Chapel at the Monastery. Be not afraid!

I am sure that Archbishop Lefebvre would have rejoiced at the election of Benedict XXVI and his desire to see the rift repaired. Dilexit Ecclesiam!

To Jesus through Mary!

Father Mark said...

Reverend Father, it is all this that shows you a worthy son of Saint Alphonsus.

Anonymous said...

I love God so much for your kind witness to us. For at every pass, you never cease to confirm me in the faith.
Thanks be to God for His faithful little ones... yes, especially priests who do not falter in taking the path of humility even as Christ did... He went home to Nazareth with Mary and Joseph and was subject unto them. Like Christ you have never failed to try to be about your Father's business.

My prayers are with you,

Anonymous said...

You and the FSSPX are true sons of the Church and I hope and pray that you recieve a canonical standing very soon, and that the FSSPX recieve protection from the wolves throughout the world that are attacking them.

They neeed faculties immediately so I and many others can go to confession to them.

I would go to confession to you, but you are in Scotland and I am in North Carolina.

The FSSPX, though, are only a 60 mile drive from our home and we absolutely need them to absolve sins.
Again thank you and the FSSPX for your fidelity to Holy Mother Church
and may God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Faith & courage!

okie said...

Dan Hunter,

I didn't realize you are in North Carolina. As that is where I was accepted into the faith, let me tell you in a heartfelt manner, my prayers are with is quite a mess out there.


David Werling said...

It took over 5 years for the FSSP to get their constitutions approved. They were founded in 1998, but the final approval of their constitutions didn't happen until 2003.

Patience. My prayers are with you.

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