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Monday, June 20, 2011

Flying visit.

When we came to Papa Stronsay in 1999
my brother, Tony, who lives in England,
said that he would fly up
to visit us.

Tony flying.
That was quite a goal to achieve.
We are a long way from England
and at the time
he didn't have his own plane.

Twelve years later, though,
5th June, 2011,
he landed on the Stronsay airfield having
piloted his plane solo from
Elsworth, near Cambridge in England.

It was a wonderful visit.

Two days, after having cut an airstrip,
Tony landed his plane on Papa Stronsay.

Two brothers together!
Thanks be to God and Mary!
Thank you for coming Tot!

(Posted by: Fr. Michael Mary)


Josephine and Ivan Sim said...

Flying Visit.

How wonderful to see our 2 Sons together on Papa Stronsay. The Pilot and the Priest so Proud of you both you have both achieved the life you always wanted since you were 2 little boys.

Mum and Dad back home in New Zealand.

Anne B said...

Thanks be to God for good Catholic parents. May He continue to bless all of the Sim family!

Michelle Therese said...

This is great!!!!

Now I'm starting to get ideas...

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