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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sad news from Fr. Hunwicke.

9 June 2011

June 9 1968

I think I had better share with my friends the distressing news that my ordination within the Catholic Church has been "deferred".

I think there has been some misunderstanding about the content of my blog, which I regret. Regular readers of the blog will be aware that its main characteristic is that of total submission to the Church's Magisterium, and of profound admiration for the person and writings of the present Sovereign Pontiff; and so my prayer is that present misunderstanding will very speedily be resolved. In the meantime, I am closing down this blog with immediate effect, and I shall promptly delete any comments on it (or emails sent to me) which are in any way whatsoever critical of the Catholic Church, or any of its officers, or of the Ordinariate; or which recommend me to adhere to any other ecclesial body.

Despite everything, I remain convinced that the Ordinariate is the only means of achieving the great vision of the Catholic Revival, longed for by so many great and holy men an d women, learnedly described in our own time by Fr Aidan Nichols: an Anglicanism reordered after heresy and schism, an Anglicanism United But Not Absorbed.

Today - the anniversary of my priestly ordination in 1968 - I ask the prayers of all those who wish me well, at a time which is the most unpleasant I have ever had to live through in my 43 years of priestly ministry. I ask them to pray also for my brethren in the Sacred Priesthood who are, in these early days of June, entering the presbyterate of the Ordinariate, as well as for our courageous deacons. And for Keith our Ordinary. And I thank the many - religious communities as well as individual clergy and laity all over the world - who have so lovingly kept me in their prayers.

Is there some Spanish word venceremos?



Inkstain said...

words fail me, but where words fail hearts lifted in prayer can succeed.

A humble and contrite heart God will not spurn.

Holly Hall said...

What?! Are you closing this blog for good? I'm so sorry to hear this news, but your posts have been really edifying. I don't know what persons like myself would do without them. Turn to Our Lady and don't let our ancient archenemy, Satan, triumph in this battle! May Our Divine Master grant you strength and perseverance in your vocation!

Just another mad Catholic said...

I pray and hope that Fr. Hunwicke will soon be soon be ordained as a Catholic Priest. On a brighter note I was privalidged to attend the Ordination for 4 former anglicans for the Ordinariate yesterday at Clifton Cathedral, hopefully today I shall attend the first Mass of one of our New Priests.

Anonymous said...

Much as I sympathise with John Hunwicke, and much as I recognise in him a man of genuine good will, I cannot remain silent on a very important point of Catholic teaching which he seems not to accept.

Mr. Hunwicke claims “total submission” to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, yet speaks of his (Anglican) priestly ordination in 1968 and his 43 years of priestly ministry as though they were valid.

Can he be unaware of Leo XIII’s Bull (Apostolicae Curae) declaring Anglican orders to be absolutely null and utterly void in the eyes of God due to the loss of the Apostolic succession? This is why all Anglican clerics returning to Rome have to be ordained by Catholic bishops to the priesthood.

In times past, souls returning to the true religion from heretical and schismatic sects were required to completely renounce all adherence to their former errors. There was no question of them bringing along an imagined “Patrimony.”

There is only one Patrimony to be loved and retained by Christians, and that is the Traditional Roman Catholic one that comes straight from God through the Petrine succession.

I wish Mr. Hunwicke and his Anglican colleagues success in overcoming all difficulties in their quest to return to the true Faith, and I wish them additional light from Our Lord that it may be a complete return with no Anglican hangover.

In Jesus & Mary

Martin Blackshaw

Anne B said...

I thought the same thing myself but had not the courage to write it. I thought I perhaps should keep out of it as I do not know the finer points. However, as our Transalpine Redemptorists are waiting humbly and silently for their long awaited canonical approval and ordinations, I pray our good separated brethren will also humbly and truthfully wait for God's Good Time.
May He bless them and keep them in His Loving, Divine Heart and enable them, I pray, to accept the whole Truth.
Pope Benedict XVI (so strong yet mild and charitable) will express God's Will for them once they have sincerely asked to be accepted into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Anne B said...

After writing the previous comment I looked at Mr Hunwicke's Blog and I found it disrespectful of certain popes, cold and clinical in its approach to Our Lady and to other dearly respected Catholic icons and nothing like reading St Alphonsus or St Louis Marie de Montfort or "Catholic" newspaper. Anglicanism seems to reign supreme. Much is tolerated from respondents, and even Cranmer is quoted (in a comment) as an authority in a given situation.
But God is the Judge and I pray he may have mercy on us all.

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