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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Since AD 313 -the Red Shoes of the Fisherman

I am happy to share an image that was sent to me, 
since it seems that people don't understand that 
the Papal red shoes go back through all the Popes 
to just after the Church of the Catacombs. 

It is wrong for people to target 
His Holiness Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI 
as if they were his personal choice
from vanity or contempt for the poor.

All the Popes since AD 313 have worn
the red papal shoes of the Fisherman. 
The Holy Father of 2013 has chosen to lay them aside. 
That is his decision which we respect 
but Pope Francis' decision should not be used
to reflect badly 
upon His Holiness our beloved Emeritus Pope.


Anonymous said...

how true brethren!!!!

i am fed up to the back teeth to hear even certain princes of the Church in their twitter feeds taking a dig at Benedict XVI.

Pope Francis is his own man, and we must love His Holiness!

but also remember too, a pontificate is not to be judged on the externals as signs ans symbols of "humiltiy, simplicity, liberality"


a roman priest

Anonymous said...

So annoying, these days things always seem to polarize!

This isn't about compare-and-contrast. God sends us the right Pope for the right times, shoes or no shoes.

Anonymous said...


Katie said...

Thank you and al prayers from Italy where we worry along with you and pray for your intentions.

Jorge said...

God bless the Transalpine Redemptorists!

Dolores said...

I think sometimes it was not the color (for those who knew better) but that they were designer Pradas, which of course they had to be , because they are not something you can get off the shelf at Target! People are just ignorant.

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

In fact the shoes of the Fisherman were not made by Prada but were the local produce of Italian shoemaker Antonio Arellano from Novara near Milan.

In 2002, Arellano sent a pair of his handmade red shoes to Pope John Paul II.

Note that it was Pope John Paul II who was so impressed by these, that he became a customer of Stefanelli.

Benedict XVI was only following Pope John Paul II when he in turn continued to get his shoes from the same shoemaker.

The rumour that the shoes were made by Prada was started by a newspaper. It was false.

In 2005 Stefanelli gave a pair of his shoes to the Pope at a General Audience.

john-of-hayling said...

The election of a new Holy Father is preceeded by a display of three cassocks, large, medium, and small. These may fit or perhaps 'fit where they touch'. With shoes it may be a very different story. If the proferred shoes are a tight fit then it is reasonable to stick with a pair that does fit! maybe the red shoes will appear later.

sergio said...

The vulgarity to wear Prada shoes has nothing to do with the popes. It is one of the many falsities made just as an offense to the church

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that #1 the shoes are not Prada - but rather, made by a local artisan, a small business owner. And that if popes from now on decide to buy shoes from the large chain stores, cheaply (say 20 dollars/euros) off-the-shelf at WalMart or Target (and let's not forget that they are cheap not because they lack quality, but because the people employed to make them in third world countries are paid cents for making them...very moral to pay them something but not the most ethical of practices in many instances...) then the local craftman-entrepeneur who makes his product with extreme care and art is out of commission - Antonio Arellano might as well close shop and apply to work as a cashier at the local supermarket and his art lost... Just a thought.

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