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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The example of religious life.

Christchurch, New Zealand. 
The Sacred Triduum this year is taking place
in the small chapel of a University Hall of residence.
It is a difficult location.
This causes us to pull out all stops to try to make it a success.

The Monastery Garage
Preparations for the Sacred Triduum. 
The Brothers are renovating an old altar
which they will transport by trailer to the little chapel 
tomorrow morning, Holy Thursday. 

Brother Clemens painting the old altar.

 There are also matching altar rails thanks to white paint.

 Brother has prepared the mensa or altar-top 
and is about to lower the altar stone into its place. 

 Brother Nicodemus Mary is painting with gold obtained
for him by our friend, 
the local artist and statue repairer, 
Mr. Damian Walker. 

 Deacon Brother Magdala Maria is 
directing Brother Xavier Maria who is inside the altar
lining up the new wooden support.

One of the great consolations of the religious life
is to see Brethren who pray together and
also work together in great peace and mutual co-operation;
"just getting the job done"
working to late at night
to do something worthwhile for Our Lord and for souls.

May God bless their work
and the Holy Triduum.


Anonymous said...

Oh I pray that someday I perhaps have the grace to jion

Rhoslyn said...

It's wonderful to see what can be done in a short time for the glory of God! God bless you and keep you!

thetimman said...

God bless them and you! Pray for us during the Triduum, dear brothers.

umblepie said...

Great post,lovely altar!

Anonymous said...

So lovely!!

Konstantin said...

I thought it was only some you and Br Clemens down there, Father. It looks like half of Papa Stronsay transferred to Christchurch! A blessed Triduum!

Flambeaux said...

Have you left the island?

inkstain said...

Beautiful. Looking forward to more pictures (if possible) over the coming days.

Anne B said...

Yes, Anonymous, go for it! Ask and you shall receive. Don't hesitate! You should take the opportunity now to become a saint. Read "Great Lovers of Solitude", available from the monastery. A great treasure for a very small sum.

Anonymous said...

God bless dearest brothers take courage and perseverance

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