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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ubi est refectio mea

Christchurch, New Zealand
Holy Thursday

Ubi est refectio mea
Say to the master of the house:
The Master saith:
Where is My refectory where I may eat the Pasch
with my disciples.

Et invererunt...
And they found as He had told them:
and they prepared the pasch.


Konstantin said...

Our Lord really blessed you with the ability of making splendid liturgical settings...looking forward to seeing more pictures of the Holy Triduum. A blessed Good Friday in NZ!

Father Berg FSSP celebrated Maundy Thursday at our Apostolate.

Tula said...

Rejoiced my heart! May God bless you and make you happy!

inkstain said...

Wow, what a change!

May God reward you all for such work!!

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