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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Truly tragic -the Episcopal Consecrations of the "Thuc Line" founders.

The story of the "Thuc Consecrations" is, briefly,
a tragic one.
The prestigious Archbishop of Hue in Vietnam
pictured above
agreed in 1981 to consecrate three bishops
who are the origin of the "Thuc Line Bishops"
still operating.

Only two need to be considered
since the third played only a minor role.

Their names are
Bishop des Lauriers and Bishop Carmona.

Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục.
(October 6, 1897–December 13, 1984)

Michel Louis Guérard des Lauriers, O.P.
(1898 - 1988)
Consecrated bishop 7 May, 1981.

Moisés Carmona y Rivera
(1912 - 1991).
Consecrated bishop 17 October, 1981.

Rue Garibaldi, Toulon.

I personally never knew the Vietnamese Archbishop
before the time of my two visits to his residence
at 22, rue Garibaldi, Toulon,
in the district of Var, in France.
The first time was in March 1981...

The second in January, 1982.

- Fr. Noel BARBARA.

22, rue Garibaldi in Toulon as it is today.

"The Archbishop lived in a very poor and dirty apartment
on the first floor of an old tenement building.
In appearance, it was a simple flat that was longer than wide,
with a small side kitchen.

On the right was a modest bed.
In the corner was a table
on which he celebrated the traditional rite

as codified by Saint Pius V every morning.

There were many pious images, a pile of "pocket books,"
two chairs
five cats that appeared to be everywhere."
- Fr. Noel BARBARA.

As he only had two chairs, the Archbishop sat on his bed
and Father Barbara sat opposite him.
The room was so small that Father Barthe
had to place his chair behind the Archbishop.

This is the setting for the consecration of the
founder of the Thuc Line bishops.

A cramped "dirty" bedroom,
five cats,
a corner table
...and a telephone.

In 1981 France was not under persecution.
Why were the Episcopal Consecrations not performed even in a hotel room?

The Mass of the Consecration of a Bishop
was twice celebrated up against the window.

There were not three altar cloths
for there was not even one altar cloth.

The dial up telephone was left where it was,
its telephone wire came onto the table;
also a box of matches.
Episcopal Consecration of Bishop des Lauriers.
(Click on the images to make them bigger.)

Ask yourself:
Is this the Sacred Action that was necessary
for the continuation of the Priesthood
and of Apostolic Succession
in the Church?

Episcopal Consecration of Bishops Carmona and Zamora.
(Better view of the telephone.)

Tragic days ~ the story has not ended.

Blessed Pope John XXIII's miracle had taken place
13 years earlier than these lamentable acts.

By that glorious miracle
of God's Right Hand
Sedevacantism is judged wrong
and deadly to souls.

Blessed John XXIII
~quem Deus commendat~
in your stupendous miracle
approved by God,
pray for us
and for the return of all our brethren
who seem lost to Sedevacantism!


Jack said...

In my stay in the independent movement, people would talk about "lines" of succession.

I said there's only ONE line of Apostolic succession, and you either have it or you don't. And it doesn't come through Simon Magus, either.

Now, I'm NOT saying anything like this about Abp. Thuc, but once schism starts, it seems to go on indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I read last night in my "Liturgical Year" for February 22nd (St. Peter's Chair At Antioch"):

"We, then, both priests and people, have a right to know whence our pastors have received their power. From whose hand have they received the keys? If their mission come from the apostolic see, let us honour and obey them, for they are sent to us by Jesus Christ, who has invested them, through Peter, with His own authority. If they claim our obedience without having been sent by the bishop of Rome, we must refuse to receive them, for they are not acknowledged by Christ as His ministers. The holy anointing may have conferred on them the sacred character of the episcopate: it matters not; they must be as aliens to us, for they have not been sent, they are not pastors."

The hoofs of Satan are written all over this "movement". Why is it that one cannot see it while one is in it?

God reward you, Father Michael Mary!

Lost Sheep

Anonymous said...

Lost Sheep,

That is a powerful quote. Who is the author? When was it written?

The statement obviously has application beyond the SV movement. I would like to post it on my blog, but need a source reference.

Thanks and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha! I found it!

Great stuff. Thank you, Lost Sheep, and God bless.

Fr. Michael Mary, I echo the sentiments of many when I say with gratitude: may the Master reward you for the work that you are doing in His vineyard!


Anonymous said...

These are times that try men's souls. In such times, we need a sure test for discerning true from false, shepherd from hireling:

Dom Prosper provides that test. Many thanks again to our friend Lost Sheep ... who doesn't seem quite so lost anymore! :-)


Cruise the Groove. said...

Did Bishop Thuc die while still excommunicated?
I shuddder..

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