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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who lies in a silent grave - II

The Sedevacantist/Sedeprivationist
Episcopal Consecration
Fr. Michel Louis Guérard des Lauriers, O.P.
by Archbishop Thuc.

A very notable characteristic of Sedevacantism
is that it surrounds itself with cartloads of plausible arguments;
pages and pages and pages of
old Papal Bulls, Canon Law, Church History
and quotes from Doctors of the Church.
Whoever begins out along this road
is soon to be caught in a swamp of arguments.

Correct interpretation in the matter of the Papacy does not depend on the theories of experts.

Correct interpretation in the matter of the Papacy depends entirely upon the authority of God and His Church.

The three leading Sedevacantists
were all highly qualified experts and brilliant men;
none of them held a single doctorate alone,
all three held three Doctorates each.

Archbishop Ngô Ðình Thuc.
Doctorates in Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law.

Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J.
Doctorates in Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law.

Fr. Michel Louis Guérard des Lauriers, O.P.
The most brilliant of the three:
Doctorates in Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology;
Advisor to Pope Pius XII concerning
the Dogma of the Assumption;
Confessor to Pope Pius XII for a time;
the mind behind the "Ottavani Intervention."
The ceremony that perhaps may have consecrated
Fr. des Lauriers a bishop.
7 May, 1981.

I had never doubted the exceptional intelligence
of the Reverend Father (Guérard des Lauriers),
nor for that matter,
the width and depth of his knowledge
of the science of theology.
On the other hand,
what I have always said about this great soul

- those that knew him will not disagree with me -
was that he suffered
an almost total absence of practical judgment.

In an almost habitual fashion

he would support and defend the worst side of any issue.

It was this lack of judgment on his part
that led me to break off all relations with him.
[Fr. Noel Barbara, Fortes in Fide, 1993.]

This priest with a great mind
was convinced that the Popes after Pius XII,
if Popes they were at all,
were only potentially popes,
and each was deprived of his formal papacy
in actual fact.

It was his theory.
He could express the theory in its fullness.
Some still agree with it.
He sought out Archbishop Thuc
and asked to be consecrated a bishop
since, by his theory,
the Sacraments had become invalid
and he was called to continue
Apostolic Succession in the Church;
thus he sought to be consecrated a bishop.

Was his theory right?
Thankfully, No.
Heaven has not approved his theory.
He died on 27 February, 1988.
Since then,
from eternity he works no miracles.
He lies in a silent grave.
Requiescat in pace.

His expert theory was proved 100% wrong.

Contradicting the swamp of intellectual arguments
can never be resolved by mere men,
God Himself judged this matter authoritatively

when He caused Pope John XXIII
~ dressed indeed as a true Pope
and not as a mere bishop or cardinal ~

to appear to and to heal
a dying nun

in an astounding, physical,

scientifically inexplicable,

for all sedevacantists and sedeprivationists

to simply, humbly accept.


B. said...

It could possibly be added that Fr. Louis-Marie de Blignières knew Fr. Guérard des Lauriers very well, received the Dominican Habit from him, was convinced of the theory of sedeprivationism and wrote his Dissertation about Fr. des Lauriers theology. Nevertheless, Fr. de Blignières later repudiated sedeprivationism and his Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer is today fully approved by Rome. Another main proponent of sedeprivationism back in the day, Fr. Bernard Lucien is also fully reconciled to the Holy Father having reputiated the theory.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this information. It would be helpful to sedevacantists if a list of former sedevacantists priests could be compiled with their reasons for abandoning the sedevacantist position.

I realize that traditionals in general and sedevacantists in particular are a minute percentage of the one billion Roman Catholics in the world, but we never hear a peep of sedevacantist priests who return to the Church.

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