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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Est enim urbanissima, curialissima Regina, gloriosa Virgo Maria.

Saint Bernard (1090-1153)
seeing Our Lady's statue
greeted Her with
"Salve Regina!" or "Ave Maria!"
to his surprise he heard Her reply
"Salve Bernarde!" or "Ave Bernarde!"

When a man devoutly salutes the Virgin
he is saluted by Her in return.
For amongst all Queens,
the Glorious Virgin Mary is
the most polite, the most courteous.

It is impossible to greet Her
without receiving a greeting in return.

That is why,
if throughout the day
you say devoutly "Ave Maria!" a thousand times
you will be saluted a thousand times
by the holy Virgin.

Quam homo devote salutat Virginem
resalutatur ab illa.

Est enim urbanissima,
curialissima Regina,
gloriosa Virgo Maria.

Nec postest salutari
sine resalutatione miranda.

Si mille Ave Maria dicis in die, devote,
millies a Virgine resalutaris.

(St. Bernadine of Sienna

Thursday, August 25, 2011

At the hour of departure

This morning in Orkney
the votive Mass for the Sick Near to Death
was offered for
Mr. Duncan Simon
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Mr. Duncan Simon serving the first Holy Mass
offered in the Christchurch oratory, July 2007.

Omnipotens et misericors Deus...
Almighty and merciful God,
Who hast conferred upon mankind
both the remedies of salvation
and the gifts of life everlasting:
look mercifully upon Thy servant
who is afflicted with sickness of the body,
and refresh the soul which Thou hast created,
so that at the hour of departure,
it may be found worthy to be taken home to Thee,
its Maker,
free from all stain of sin,
by the hands of holy Angels.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ ...

Quaesumus clementiam tuam...
We beseech Thy clemency, O almighty God,
that by the virtue of this Sacrament
Thou wouldst vouchsafe
to strengthen Thy servant with Thy grace:
so that at the hour of his death
the enemy may not prevail against him,
but he may deserve to pass to life
accompanied by Thine Angels.

As Mass for the Sick Near Death,
the Litany of St Joseph
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament closed
8.30 a.m. here in Scotland,
Mr. Simon entered his eternity;
it was
7.30 p.m. in Christchurch.

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat ei.
Requiescat in pace.

Eternal rest grant to him O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Congratulations to our new Bishop!

Congratulations to our new Bishop of Aberdeen, His Lordship Bishop Hugh Gilbert, OSB, who was consecrated bishop yesterday, the feast of the Assumption. His Lordship has taken as his motto:

Omnia in Ipso constant Col: 1.17


By Him all things consist.

Ad Multos Annos!

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Consuming Fire

Yesterday we held our annual bonfire and barbeque. The weather wasn’t too good, but we were still happy to be able to welcome many of Stronsay’s residents who didn’t mind braving the wind and rain, as well as some who came out from Kirkwall for the occasion.

This year it was Br. Seelos's father who stepped up to the mark and lit the fire.

Due to the wind which was slowly picking up, it took two attempts to get the fire going, but the flames finally took hold!

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R. blesses the fire

Domine Deus, Pater omnipotens, lumen indeficiens, qui es conditor omnium luminum:
novum hunc ignem sanctifica + , et praesta: ut ad te, qui es lumen indeficiens,
puris mentibus post hujus saeculi caliginem pervenire valeamus.
Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Let us pray.
Lord God, almighty Father, the Light that never fails and the source of all light,
sanctify + this new fire, and grant that
after the darkness of this life
we may come unsullied to Thee
Who art light eternal;
through Christ our Lord. Amen

The brothers prepare the barbeque. These were homemade burgers from our own beef.

Luckily we are able to use the end of this shed when the weather is not so pleasant.

With the fire having died down to a bearable size, folk can't resist going to stand about it despite the wet!

As the evening wore on, Br. Seelos set himself to entertaining everyone, and it was very well done.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Feast of St Alphonsus

Today, the Feast of our Holy Father Saint Alphonsus, was a very special day for us since we also had a final profession, temporary profession and two clothings!

The four candidates present themselves before the superior.

With Our Lord enthroned within the tabernacle and the doors open, Br. Xavier Maria, F.SS.R. kneels before His Divine Majesty and pronounces his final vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience together with a vow and oath of perseverance.

Br. Xavier binds himself with his hand upon the Holy Gospel.

Br. Alfonso, also kneeling before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament pronounces his temporary vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience for three years. He received his complete religious name: Br. Alfonso Maria of the Star of the Sea, F.SS.R. Brother had spent some years as a sailor before he joined the Transalpine Redemptorists.

At the time of first profession, brother receives his pallium, or, mantle.

Our two postulants preparing to be clothed in the habit of the congregation. On the left Mr Tyler Lunsford and on the right Mr Arden Mills, both from the United States.

Exuat te Dominus veterem hominem cum actibus eius,
et induat te novum, qui secundum Deum creatus est
in justitia et sanctitate veritatis.

May the Lord strip thee of the old man with all his acts and
clothe thee in the new, who is created by God in justice
and in the holiness of truth.

The new Brothers receive their habits.

Indue, Filii Dominum Jesum Chrisum, semper
mortificationem ejus in corpore tuo circumferens.

Son, put on Our Lord Jesus Christ, always surrounding
thy body with His mortification.

Accipe, Fili, imaginem Crucifixi, Magistri et Redemptoris tui,
qui passus est pro te, et tradidit Semetipsum pro te. Pone Illum
ut signaculum super cor tuum, ut signaculum super brachium

Receive, my Son, the image of the crucifix,
image of thy Master and Redeemer, who suffered for thee and
offered Himself for thee. Place it as a seal upon thy heart, as a
seal upon thy arm

The first step towards leaving the world! Today we have seen all three:
These young men leave the secular life and enter the novitiate.
Br. Alfonso completes his novitiate and makes his temporary vows.
Br. Xavier, after three years of temporary vows takes the final step and gives himself to religious life until his death.

Accipe, Filii, Rosarium beatæ Virginis Mariæ, quæ tibi sit semper murus ad protegendum, mater ad nutriendum, stella ad dirgendum, portus ad salvandum. Tu autem stude diligenter Mariam diligere et imitari, ac ejus saluberrimam devotionem ubique propagare. In periculis, in angustiis, in rebus dubiis, Mariam cogita, Mariam invoca. Dulce nomen illius non
recedat ab ore, non recedat a corde.

Receive, Son, the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may She always be a wall to protect thee, a mother to nourish thee, a star to guide thee and the door to thy salvation do Thou, however, learnest diligently to love and imitate Mary, and to propagate Her most salutary devotion everywhere. In dangers, in anguishes, in doubtful things, think of Mary, call upon Mary. May Her sweet name not disappear from thy lips, nor disappear from thy heart.

Accipe hunc habitum benedictum precans sanctissimam
Virginem, ut eius meritis illum perferas sine macula, et te ab
omni adversitate defendat, atque ad vitam perducat æternum.

Receive this blessed Scapular and beseech the Blessed Virgin
that through Her merits, you may wear it without stain. May
it defend you against all adversity and accompany you to
eternal life.

With the reception of the skull cap comes the new name:
Mr Tyler Lunsford is now Br Seelos after Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.SS.R.
Mr Arden Mills is now Br Peter after St. Peter the apostle.

Congratulations to Br Peter and Br Seelos!

And to Br Xavier Maria and Br Alfonso Maria!

Br Seelos with his mother and father and three brothers.

And Br Peter with his father.

Mr de Jarving, a friend of Br Alfonso, entered as a postulant today.

Br. Xavier Maria and Br. Magdala Maria, both from the Pacific Islands.

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