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Monday, March 26, 2012

Passiontide's Feast

The early morning of the
Feast of the Annunciation
Monday 26 March.

The sheep we pass on the way to meditation.
~Passiontide Waiting~
And I lay down my life for my sheep.
(Jn 10:15)

Morning Meditation.
~ The Feast of the Annunciation in Passiontide. ~
Since yesterday the images are veiled,
an atmosphere of shrouded sorrow tinges the feast.

Passiontide purple mixes with the flowers of the feast.
Since Adam's fall, the world, purpled in mournng
awaited the coming of salvation.
The Blessed Virgin Mary,
the only Lily of our vale,
is by a singular privilege raised up by God
to receive into Her spotless womb on this feast,
the Word
through Whom all things were made,
the Saviour of the World - Salvator Mundi.

It was a splendid morning as our boat left Papa Stronsay
for Mass on our neighbouring island.
Nature reflected the season and the feast.

The sea was calm,
the sun on the horizon
announced itself, majestically present indeed,

Yet, like the images on the altar,
it was present in the sky all veiled, restrained,
brilliant through a cover of haze.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ite ad Joseph!

 I thought that you might like to see these photos from the traditional Redemptoristines in Sao Fidelis, Brazil. They are subjects of the Apostolic Administration St Jean Vianney in Campos. These photos were taken on the feast of St Joseph.  The Sisters prepared a beautiful bier in honour of St. Joseph.

 Sister begins construction of the bier.

 Arranging Flowers.

 The bier, almost complete is placed in the Church, and the finishing touches applied.

 "I took for my advocate and lord the glorious Saint Joseph and commended myself earnestly to him;...I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant." - St. Teresa of Avila

 St. Joseph is carried in procession.

 An altar in honour of St. Joseph.

 Ite ad Joseph!

The Redemptoristine's grill can be seen on the left of the bier.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III

Shenouda III
3 August 1923 – 17 March 2012.

Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III
died today, Saturday 17 March
aged 88 years.
He was the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church for 40 years.

Friday, March 16, 2012

SSPX and the Holy See

Vatican City, 16 March 2012 (VIS) - Given below is the text of a communique relating to the Society of St. Pius X, released this morning by the Holy See Press Office.

"During the meeting of 14 September 2011 between Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and president of the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei', and Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X, the latter was presented with a Doctrinal Preamble, accompanied by a Preliminary Note, as a fundamental basis for achieving full reconciliation with the Apostolic See. This defined certain doctrinal principles and criteria for the interpretation Catholic doctrine, which are necessary to ensure faithfulness to the Church Magisterium and 'sentire cum Ecclesia' [means: thinking with the Church].
"The response of the Society of St. Pius X to the aforesaid Doctrinal Preamble, which arrived in January 2012, was examined by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith before being submitted to the Holy Father for his judgement. Pursuant to the decision made by Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Fellay was, in a letter delivered today, informed of the evaluation of his response. The letter states that the position he expressed is not sufficient to overcome the doctrinal problems which lie at the foundation of the rift between the Holy See and the Society of St. Pius X.
"At the end of today's meeting, moved by concern to avoid an ecclesial rupture of painful and incalculable consequences, the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X was invited to clarify his position in order to be able to heal the existing rift, as is the desire of Pope Benedict XVI".

From the Website of the Holy See
+ + +

(Radio Vaticana):

"Bp. Fellay is invited to clarify his position, in order to be able to heal the existing rift, as is the desire of Pope Benedict XVI, from now until April 15."

[UPDATE - 1500 GMT]
In an article on today's events, Salvatore Izzo reports the following for Italian news agency AGI:

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal William Joseph Levada, delivered [the content of the communiqué] to the Superior General of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in a conversation that lasted for over two hours ... . During today's meeting in the Palace of the Holy Office - in which the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Abp. Luis Francisco Ladaria, and the Secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, Mgr. Guido Pozzo, also took part, while Bp. Fellay was joined by his assistant Fr. Nelly - a complete rupture was avoided by the Holy See, making it clear that Benedict XVI still expects a recomposition.
From the blog: Rorate Caeli

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not to be missed!

Don't deny yourself this video clip!

This it is a strong message called:

"I have a say"
by Father John Hollowell
an American priest.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Passing of Mrs. Hollowood, the Mother of Br. Paul Mary

Of your charity
please remember the soul of
Mrs. Patricia Hollowood,
the mother of our Brother Paul Mary,
who passed into eternity
6 March, 2012,
in Melbourne, Australia.

Mrs. Hollowood with her son Brother Paul Mary,
as she arrived to visit Brother on Papa Stronsay,
2nd February, 2003.

Requiem Mass will be sung for the repose of her soul,
Wednesday, 7th March,
Papa Stronsay.

Réquiem ætérnam dona ea, Dómine:
et lux pérpetua lúceat ea.
Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Requiéscat in pace.
May she rest in peace.

DEUS, cui proprium est...
O GOD, whose property is
ever to have mercy and to spare,
we humbly supplicate Thee
for the soul of Thy servant Patricia,
which Thou hast this day called out of this world,
that Thou deliver it not to the hands of the enemy,
nor forget it forever,
but command for it to be received by the holy angels
and taken to Paradise, its home,
so that,
since it hath hoped and believed in Thee,
it may not bear the pains of hell,
but possess everlasting joys.
Through our Lord.

(Collect from the Mass of the Day of Burial.)

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