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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stronsay Pier View

Today marks the longest day in the year.  Here as I write, it is wet and foggy, but if the skies were clear one could watch the sun make its slow descent through the evening, and finally hide itself below the horizon at about 10:26pm.

Midsummer's night sunset 2012 on Papa Stronsay (more photos here)

By the time midnight came around, one could still read a book outside without too much difficulty.

Midsummer's night midnight 2012 on Papa Stronsay (more photos here)

The winter brings with it the excitement of storms and rough seas!  If you missed it we took some great footage of a winter storm back in 2013:

But wouldn't it be interesting and exciting to be able to view these events yourselves, live as they happen, wherever you are in the world?

Today we have begun to stream Stronsay Pier View over the internet.  It works much like the many other live stream cameras which can be found online, allowing you to view the Stronsay pier in almost-real-time.

This idea was first conceived as a tool for the inhabitants of Stronsay.  It allows us to easily see what the weather and sea condition is at the harbour or whether-or-not the ferry is on time.

I have just started the stream, which can be viewed on this post, on the sidebar of our blog, and eventually on our website too.  We are currently using to stream the video, so you can also view it directly on our Ustream channel here.

The Stronsay Pier View stream.

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