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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Rosary of Balloons

On Sunday 15 October,
the third day of the celebrations
in honour of the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima,
a Rosary made of balloons was launched in a park near the Oratory in Christchurch. 
The beautiful photos that follow were kindly taken by Mr. Daniel Lim.  

This devotional celebration had been well prepared. 

 If we said our prayers and prayed our Rosaries
with faith the size of these blue balloons
the world would be a different place!

 The Rosary Procession was over
its Litanies had been sung
the Holy Mass had been chanted
the day was sunny 
and the celebration was blessed with joy.

Moment of wonder.

Before the Rosary of balloons could be launched
it was necessary to obtain permission from the
Christchurch International Airport Control Tower:
"Go ahead Rosary Balloons!"

 It slowly lifted off.
Polyphonic hymns accompanied it.

 What a sight!
The crucifix gleamed in the sunlight.
The air was still.

We watched what we had launched. 

And indeed it was a beautiful sight
thanks to the care and precision with which it was organised.

For each balloon could lift only 1 gram of weight
and the balloons together had to lift the Rosary's 
golden Crucifix and Miraculous Medal.
Well done! 

Up and up it went until it was out of sight.
May our humble prayers pierce the clouds
and not depart until the Most High hears them
through the intercession of Holy Mary.

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