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Saturday, January 16, 2016

That steps not slide. That holy faith be kept.

The sky is beautiful this evening. 
It is clear. The sea is calm.
Ice is biting into the ground.
Welcome stillness indeed
but where steps might simply slide.

O blessed solitude where we meditate at meals
on the lives and sayings of the Saints.

Today there was an interesting statement from St Alphonsus.
We are well  through Volume II of his Life.

On 14 May 1772 he wrote to Father Blasucci:

"Naples is abandoning the faith,
people no longer go to confession,
preaching is despised,
seculars expound theology,
and everyone interprets Holy Scriptures,
the dogmas and commandments
just as he pleases!"

O Holy Father watch over us in 2016!
Pray for us that even if entire cities of souls
abandon the faith in our times,
pray that we persevere 
in keeping the same faith that you professed
and in which you died. 

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