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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

News from Mt St Joseph's Kakahu in the New Zealand Wilderness

- Mount Saint Joseph's Kakahu -
Kakahu is the district in Canterbury, New Zealand,
Kakahu is Maori for a cloak.
The 300 acres of wilderness is named after the cloak of St Joseph.
We are here to stay and our nest move
is to build a monastery of huts
in honour of the Infant Jesus hidden in the cloak of Saint Joseph
and we will call the place
The Monastery of the Hidden Jesus
if God so Wills, so will it be.
St Joseph in his cloak presenting the Hidden Jesus.
We implore St Joseph to be
the patron and Foster-father of this place.

St Teresa said we'd only need a bell to begin a monastery.
It marks the hours of prayer, work and silence.

Our first construction:
The Oratory of St Joseph in the Wilderness.
It was blessed by the Bishop of Aberdeen. 

During the retreat we held last summer we set up our cells in the field. 



Winter 2019.

Time for action.
In the solitude of Rosary Gully
we decided to build a prototype cell.
The first foundation hole.
St Teresa said that everything was in beginning.
So we began in earnest.
The ground was stony, the digging was slow, but....

We all got into it, 
and God is good who give work to men
Gloria Patri et Filio + et Spiritui Sancto...

(to be continued)

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