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Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Life

Saint Augustine tells us that all new life is a miracle. Even though it may be such a common thing for us to see flowers and plants spring up from seeds, and calves born of cows, still, God demonstrates as great a miracle in giving these creatures life, as He did in the feeding of the 5000. 

Yesterday, two calves were born and the miracle of life continued. They are both doing well, and it is wonderful to remark that within hours of being born they are able to stand up and seek milk from their mother. These first few days are the most critical as their life is so fragile.

This young male calf is barely one day old. He is healthy and well.
It is very difficult not to be moved by a newly born animal!
This mother cow is the biggest of all the animals we have.
Here we have the second calf not yet a day old.
He is still a little frail but is doing very well all the same.
Mobile calving pens with locking yokes allow safe access to the calf or mother.
There is a gate which swings around totally surrounding the cow allowing this access.
This the Simmental Bull, Sire to all the calves. 
A feeding passage down the middle of the barn which houses cows on the one side . . .
. . . and last year's calves on the other side.

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