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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A link to Bishop Von Kettler (1811 - 1877)

His Holiness Pope Leo XIII
who esteemed
Bishop Von Kettler
In the interests of giving another aspect of the traditional understanding of religious liberty, we have added this essay on Religious Freedom to our Reference Links.

Wilhelm Emmanuel Von Ketteler
Bishop of Mainz (1811-1877)

Biographical Note
Regarded as the “pioneer” of modern Catholic social teaching, Von Ketteler’s thought has found expression in the great social encyclicals since his time. Pope Leo XIII refers to Von Ketteler as: “our great predecessor from whom I have learned" (Association Catholique, October 15, 1893, 428).


We come now to the all important question whether religious opposed to the principles of the Catholic Church. May Catholics who wish to remain true to the principles of their church concede to those of other religions such a position in the state? May Catholic rulers legally permit to their subjects such freedom of conscience without violating their own consciences? Can there be situations in which rulers are even bound in conscience to grant such freedom? Would not such a position be completely opposed to the way the Church operated in the Middle Ages?..... Continued here

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