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Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the fold of Peter, which is Thine.

The Good Shepherd-Pope

Divine Shepherd of our souls!

Divine Shepherd of our souls!
how great is thy love for Thy sheep!
Thou givest even Thy life to save them.
The fury of wolves does not make Thee flee from us;
Thou becomest their prey, that we may escape.
Thou didst die in our stead, because Thou wast our Shepherd.

...that he might supply thy place
after thy departure from this world...

We are not surprised at Thy requiring from Peter
a greater love than Thou didst require from his brother Apostles:
Thou didst will to make him their and our shepherd.
Peter answered Thee without hesitation, that he loved Thee;
and Thou didst confer upon him Thine own name,
together with the reality of Thine office,
in order that he might supply Thy place after Thy departure from this world.

Preserve us, O Jesus, in the fold of Peter, which is Thine.

Be thou blessed, O divine Shepherd!
for Thy having thus provided for the necessities of Thy fold,
which could not be one,
were it to have many shepherds without one supreme shepherd.
In obedience to Thy command,
we bow down before Peter, with love and submission;
we respectfully kiss his sacred feet;
for it is by him that we are united to Thee;
it is by him that we are Thy sheep.
Preserve us, O Jesus, in the fold of Peter, which is Thine.
Keep far from us the hireling who usurps the place and rights of the shepherd.
He has intruded himself, or been intruded by violence, into the fold,
and would have us take him as the master;
but he knows not the sheep, and the sheep do not know him.
Led, not by zeal, but by avarice and ambition,
he flieth at the approach of danger.
He that governs through worldly motives
is not a man to lay down his life for others.
The schismatic pastor loves himself; he does not love Thy sheep;
how could he give his life for them?
Protect us, O Jesus, from this hireling!
He would separate us from Thee, by separating us from Peter,
whom thou hast appointed Thy Vicar;
and we are determined to recognize no other.

Anathema to him who would command as in Thy name,
and yet not be sent by Peter!

Anathema to him who would command as in Thy name,
and yet not be sent by Peter!
Such a pastor could be but an impostor;
he would not rest on the foundation;
he would not have the keys of the kingdom of heaven;
to follow him would be our ruin.

...thus we may defy every tempest...

Grant, then, Good Shepherd, Jesus!
that we may ever keep close to Thee and to Peter;
that as he rests upon Thee, we may rest upon him;
and thus we may defy every tempest,
for Thou, dear Lord, hast said:
A wise man built his house upon a rock;
and the rain fell, and the floods came,
and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house,
and it fell not ;
for it was founded on a ROCK.

[St Matt. vii 24, 25.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It is very timely. May all Traditional Catholics express their support of the Holy Father without reservation. It is terrible to see the Pope attacked by his own spiritual children at this dangerous time for the Church, when the Pope needs the unwavering support of all Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Even if the pope is wrong or has done wrong?

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

"Even if the pope is wrong or has done wrong?"

This is a historical question since there have been bad popes in the past. Poor examples of men; they were still the Vicars of Christ; they scandalised the Church of their own time and still scandalize us who read about their disgraceful and immoral behaviour. May God spare us from such as these in whom we see a reflection of the Apostle Judas, the reprobate one of the Twelve. They are part of the mystery of God's justice and way of dealing with His Church; just as He permitted Pharoah, the Roman Caesars, Herod and Caiphas to oppress His Holy People.

However, in the person of the present Pope we have somebody who was himself scandalised when he came to be aware of today's massive, criminal scandal within the Church; he was working against it as soon as he had the power to do anything about it.

Today is his anniversary of election to the Chair of Peter: to him the suppport of our prayers, the filial devotion of our hearts. To God, thanksgiving for such a good Pope; which is a mercy; since St Alphonsus says that we get the pope that we deserve; our time is not worthy of Benedict XVI whom the 'world' hates.

Collect Pro Papa.
Let us pray.

O God the shepherd and ruler of all the faithful,
look favourably upon Thy servant Benedict, whom Thou has been pleased to appoint pastor over Thy Church; grant, we beseech Thee, that he may serve by word and example those over whom he is set, and so attain to eternal life with the flock committed to his care. Through our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Deo Gratias.

Anonymous said...

Just as an goodly aside for His Holiness, this froma friend:

"Our pastor announced the final tally tonight for the Society's Rosary crusade for the proper consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The U.S. District prayed a total of 5.5 million Rosaries, exceeding its assigned target of 4 million, and surpassing the French district, which is the largest one in the Society. The global total was 18 million.

Sounds like enough to me! Much thanks to our non-SSPX friends who helped us."

Anonymous said...

Glorious! Here at last is the right and necessary attitude at all times and especially needed in this age. I came here for help and hope and peace and as ever I found it plus magnificent inspiration. May we all rally with you in serving God and submission to our Holy Father. May God preserve and reward you! You are in my most grateful poor prayers.

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