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Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Mass of Fr Simon Harkins

Today in Edinburgh Cathedral, Father Simon Harkins, F.S.S.P. celebrated his first Mass in his home country and home town. The Mass was celebrated in the presence of His Eminence Keith Cardinal O'Brien, who also preached at the Mass. It is the first time a Cardinal has assisted at a first Mass in the extraordinary form in his own cathedral. Below are lots of photos - too many to caption - but they are fairly self explanatory:

Father Harkins before Mass.

Very Rev. Fr Josef Bisig, F.S.S.P was assistant priest.

Rev. Fr. Anthony Mary, F.SS.R. meets the Cardinal.


Michelle Therese said...

Will Father come to Papa Stronsay?

Just another mad Catholic said...

I hope (God Willing) that If I'm ordained (for whatever Order/congregation God wills me to enter) that I would give as much Glory to God as Fr Harkins clearly did although I must say that I'd prefer to be in the presence of less distinquished company (not that I have anything against the F.S.S.R, its just the nerves from being in Father Michael Mary's presence would be formidable)

gabrielle said...

Thank you for these photos. They are very uplifting and brings confidence to all Traditional Catholics. Prayers and best wishes to Father Harkins and continual prayers for the Seminarians of the Sons of the Holy Redeemer. I pray that the next photos of Ordinations on your Blog will be theirs.

Anne B said...

May Jesus and Mary be ever praised for this glorious First Mass offered to the Father. I pray he may ever be a priest after the Heart of the Eternal High Priest!

Liz F. said...

VERY BEAUTIFUL. I've been praying and wondering all day how the mass went. Thank you for the fantastic photos. Gloria Deo! God bless and keep you all!

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

These beautiful and powerful photographs are the tangible proof of the tension and the fear, the joy and the happiness
felt by both Fr. Harkins and the concelebrating priests.

May God bless them all and His Eminence Cardinal O'Brien.


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

God be praised!
May this bear great fruit for Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales!
Praying from the USA, Fr. John Mary, ISJ.

Concord Pastor said...

Would I be correct in observing that no priests concelebrated this Mass?

Pilgrim said...

I was there on saturday and loved every second of it. Let's pray that there will be more opportunities like this to spread our beautiful traditional liturgy.

MJF said...

I had the pleasure of meeting you on Saturday at Simons first mass.

It was a beautiful service and a great day.

I am goingto have to learn the Latin Mass, as i enjoyed it so much.

Hail Hail

Anonymous said...

ConcordPastor, It was the Extraordinary Form. No concelebration.

MarvinDante33 said...

Beautiful! Kinda makes me want to start humming "Scotland the Brave" heart swells with joy for the land of my forefathers! May God bless the holy work of Fr. Harkins and the F.S.S.P. in the U.K.

Unknown said...

Dear Fr. Harkins! So glad you had a chance to offer Mass At home! God bless you!

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