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Friday, October 01, 2010

Communicatio in sacris - V - The same permission many times

These posts help to establish that
Communicatio in sacris
among heretics and schismatics

is something that has been permitted in the past
by the authority of the Popes.

It should be noted that
the only reasons for permitting it were
to help souls to come into the Church

to protect them in times of persecution.

Pope Innocent IV giving documents to
Dominican and Franciscan Missionaries.

In 1244
Pope Innocent IV
permitted the Dominican missionaries
among the (Non-Catholic) Jacobites and Nestorians
to share with them
“in verbis, officio et cibo”
(literally in words, offices and food;
better english: in speech, in offices, in meals).

In 1245 he gave the same permission to Franciscan Missionaries.
From the context it is obvious that the words
“in officio” is are equivalent to “in sacris”
(in sacred things).

The following Popes,
Nicholas IV (1288),
John XXII (1316-34), and
Benedict XII (1334-42)
gave the missionaries
the same permission many times

as can be verified in the books of the
Sources of the Codification of Oriental Canon Law
published by the Vatican in 1943.

[Reference: Codificazione Canonica Orientale, Fonti, Serie III, Vol. IV, 1, p. 11, nn. 25- 27; p. 37, n. 72; Vol. V, 2, p. 142, n. 300; VII, 1, p. 26, n. 69; VII, 2, p. 22, n. 27, p. 95, n. 155, p. 151, n. 252, p. 173, n. 289; VIII, p. 62, n. 154; etc].


wheat4paradise said...

Those who might be tempted to malign Fr. Michael Mary for having the temerity to defend the Pope should contemplate the disturbing fate of those "traditionalists" who persecuted St. Alphonsus Liguori. Who eats Redemptorists dies of Redemptorists.

Anonymous said...

Was that really necessary, Wheat? Do you need to use tactics like that to win your point? And that is supposed to draw souls back?


Friend said...

Yes, to help them come into the Church. But how did Pope Benedict help anyone to come into the church, when he participated in Anglican worship with Anglicans, and made it seem like Anglican worship is ok? "Stay in your own church... even I come. No need to go to ours..."

wheat4paradise said...

Yes, Anna, it was necessary, given some of the taunting and rather ugly comments that we've see from certain traditionalists who visit this blog. I wasn't thinking of your comments, so there is no need for you to take it personally.

wheat4paradise said...

Friend, guess you missed the part of the Pope's visit when he said, quite clearly, that the ultimate goal of ecumenism is full communion with the Catholic Church:

wheat4paradise said...

Do you want to be drawn back, Anna?

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

To Br Anthony TOSF
Unjust comment.

Tony said...

Please explain to me what I said that is unjust???

Ograd said...


“made it seem like Anglican worship is ok” – There was nothing wrong with the “Anglican” worship on that occasion: so it was ok, wasn’t it ? Are we going to think of the Lord’s Prayer - if it happened to be said in the Anglican church - as if of an Anglican Lord’s Prayer ?

The whole point of the magnificent document Unitatis Redintegratio is to draw attention to the fact that the division among Christians is not a complete division, but an up-to-a-point division, in various degrees. The restoration of unity is not conceived to consist in “them” starting from scratch but in building upon what is already Catholic in their doctrine, life, and worship.

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