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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday.
Station at St. Sabina.

Pope Benedict XVI receives the ashes, S. Sabina.

The Station at Rome is at St. Sabina's on the Aventine,
in a sanctuary erected in the year 425
on the site of the house of this holy martyr.
Converted to the Faith by her servant,
she was beheaded and secretly buried there.

It was to this church that formerly the Pope repaired barefoot
"to begin the exercises of Christian warfare with the holy fasts of Lent,
wherein we fight against the spirits of evil with the weapon of abstinence."
(From the blessing of the ashes)

It was one of the twenty-five Roman parishes in the fifth century.


Anonymous said...

The Via Crucis panels on the left side of the blog are a wonderful Lenten addition.

Anne B said...

With Lent one quarter over, let us be renewed, and determined to start afresh to fast and abstain as true spiritual warriors, for we have the humility of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to inspire us.

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