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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Procession for Our Lady of Christchurch

Our Lady of Christchurch.

Our Lady of Christchurch.

Today in Christchurch, New Zealand
there will be a special procession in honour
Our Lady of Christchurch.

While the earth heaved
and all this was happening,
while all that wasn't,
and most of what was,
cemented down
was smashed to the ground,
Our Lady of Christchurch
turned to face Her children.

Our Lady of Christchurch
stood in the left tower...

... and can be seen in this picture
at the window of the upper level
just below the devastation.

While towers and great domes fell about Her
while the earth cracked beneath Her
and glass smashed before Her,
Our Lady stood,
Stabat Mater.
Stabat Mater dolorosa... lacrimosa...
Our Lady of Christchurch, pray for us.

During the calamitous February 22 earthquakes
that blitzed the city
the statue that had been in the bell tower of the Cathedral
remained serenely standing
and turned 180 degrees to face out through
the bell tower's broken window
as the
Comfortress of the Afflicted.


Holly Hall said...

Ah, another great and memorable proof of Our Lady's undying concern for us all! I appreciate you posting this, as it was something I needed to hear and be reminded of during this trying time in my own life. May She watch over us all and grant you an abundant harvest of vocations for time and for eternity!

thetimman said...

Where would we be without Our Lady?!

Dearest Mother, please accept the prayers of thy most unworthy servant for the people of New Zealand!

Anonymous said...

Thank Father Michael Mary for putting this on your Blog. I have just come from the Procession and it was amazing. There were about 400 - 500 people.
A thank you to Bishop Jones for leading this procession and Consecrating Christchurch to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A special thanks the Father Rizzo FSSP and Brother Paul Mary FSSR and Brother Xavier Mary FSSR for the help and support they gave Father Rizzo. Without them it would not have happened. Finally a great big thanks to the Carmelite Sisters for repairing the Statue of Mary (Our Lady of Christchurch) after is was broken while it was being recovered.
God Bless you all

Anne B said...

So is this the Catholic Cathedral?
Our Lady's statue actually turned did you say?
I just want to make sure I have this right.
Ave Marie,
Pleine de Grace!
Le Seigneur est avec Vous!

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