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Friday, December 09, 2011

Of Storm and Scoulters.

The Storm of the Immaculate Conception.

Last night winds were recorded in Orkney at 138.5 m.p.h.
Here is a brief clip taken from St. Magnus' kitchen
at the head of the Steamer Pier, Stronsay.

This morning the storm continued with lower wind speed.

Br Nicodemus Mary checked the monastery boat.

The boat "Charnetsky" was fine.

View of Scoulters.
The South End of Stronsay had been without electricity all night.
We visited Brian and Margaret who live at Scoulters ...
to "talk about the weather"
which is always of interest in Orkney!

Valery, Margaret and Brian with Hector
Margaret informed us that there is an actual weather forecast
especially for Papa Stronsay!
That is exciting news for us!
The link is here!


What is Scoulters?
- for Brian

Scoulters -
Christian house, Catholic home.
Sturdy castle struck in stone.

Exile lodgings, tent surpassed,
Shelter built to face the blast.

Armoured fortress, love's rampart.
Bone the body flesh the heart.

Christ enthroned, His Dominion.
She His handmaid, He His liegeman.
Domus Dei et porta caeli.

Long may He reign there!


Anonymous said...

When I saw the warnings on the news I did wonder how Papa Stronsay would be affected! Glad you're all okay. God bless, Father!

umblepie said...

Thank you Father, for these unexpected, undeserved, but greatly appreciated poetic verses. Sadly, Brother Hector, of the ROOES (Royal Order of Old English Sheepdogs) was not too impressed, preferring as you can guess, a biscuit or piece of cake from your own hand! I'm not saying that he would get it, but he would have a good try! Look forward very much, to your next poetic offering. AMDG.
Brian and all, at breezy Scoulters.

David said...

Beautiful poetry, Fr. Michael. I look forward to reading more!

Brian, your sturdy Catholic abode is a noble subject for Father's verses!

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