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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Matilda won for her darling.

In preparation for the feast
The Assumption of Our Lady.

The holy death of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
How a mother prepared for the great feasts of Our Lady.

The Martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury
29 December, 1170.

From his cradle was St Thomas à Becket taught 
to have devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
His mother, Matilda, used in her hallowed playfulness of heart, 
to put her boy, whilst he was yet a child, into a scale, 
and bestow his weight in food, clothing and money, on the poor 
that she might thereby win for her darling 
the prayers and protection of the blessed Mary.
She taught her son
devotion to the Blessed Virgin
that his life and acts would be protected by Her
Whom he fervently invoked and
held as his hope after Christ.


Supertradmum said...

I have read much on St. Thomas but never saw this story before. This is great. I gave my child to Mary as well, and together we made the Consecration to Mary via St. Louis de Montfort when he was ten. It is never too young to give a boy to Mary. I am sure Mary brought St. Thomas back to his senses. May Mary and Thomas intercede for us and for you, dear priests.

Konstantin said...

I guess a boy is never to old either. I was probably 21 when my mother gave me to the Blessed Virgin, and I wasn't even Catholic yet! Mary took good care of me because now I'm Catholic!

David said...

How can I give my 20 year old son to Mary? He no longer goes to Mass and does not even believe in God.

Konstantin said...

Don't give up, David! Read this story about Father Hermann Cohen OCD, a Jewish convert, he consecrated his mother to Mary over and over again:

My mother also gave me to Mary when I was still an unbeliever, so why should you not give your son to Mary, too?

Anne B said...

Yes, David, every time you go to worry and to sigh, give him to Our Lady instead, saying,

"I cannot do it; remember I am giving him to you, expecting you, dear Mother, to do it".

She has overcome all heresies. Jesus has given her power over even Himself, as seen at Cana.

"Look to the Star; call upon Mary".

David said...

Thank you Konstantin and Anne. I will not give up. I will entrust my son to Mary. Ad Iesum per Mariam! I am also dedicating myself to the Mass of Ages, after years of enduring the Novus Ordo. It is a point of contention with my dear wife, a cradle Conciliar Catholic, but I will entrust this as well to Mary.

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