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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40th Anniversary of State-Sponsored Murder

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the culturally, socially and economically catastrophic United States Supreme Court decision that until the child in the womb is capable of surviving alone outside of the womb (i.e. it is “viable”) it is not a person, thus stripping the helpless innocent child of its human rights, including its right to life, and its right to State protection, and allowing its own mother the right to have it barbarically slaughtered.

In the 40 years since Roe v Wade, somewhere in the region of 53 million children have been put to death in America alone – this is only 10 million short of the entire population of the United Kingdom.  Who will ever know the talent that has been wasted over these 40 years?  Perhaps the doctor who would discover a cure for cancer is among those  53 million, or the scientist who would make breakthrough discoveries in the reduction of pollution?  Which great artist will never see the light of day, or which writer or politician will now never inspire the world?  

The damage we have done is incalculable.  Is God pleased with our stewardship?

On Saturday 19th January I attended the March for Life in Lincoln, Nebraska, joining between three and five thousand other supporters of life to march in protest of all violations of human life.  Here are some photos:

Everyone gathered outside the State Capitol building, where speakers included the Nebraska State Governor  the Lieutenant Governor and two Congressmen.

 The pro-death people were also present, but they didn't make any trouble.

 Seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

 All generations were represented.

Marching from the Capitol building to the university.

The pro-death protesters followed us to the university, but on arriving, they found nine pro-life students waiting to stand in front of them!  God bless these young pro-life men!

In addition, here are some photos from the Lincoln abortion clinic taken today, as we prayed outside for the poor women and children who the victims of abortion, and for the end of this genocide.


Konstantin said...

This is only one aspect of abortion, but since black children are disproportionately represented among the victims of abortion, a few thoughts: it is saddening how millions of black babies have been killed while the left, the main proponent of abortion, are also very quick at condemning "Racists" or "Racism".
Blacks are also disproportionately infected by Communist errors, just think of the well known Maoist movement, the Black Panther Party. While Native Americans have received the gift of the True Faith in great numbers, black Americans for different reasons were and are but a fringe group among American Catholics.
A lot of missionary potential there. St. Peter Claver, pray for us!

umblepie said...

Thanks for the photos Brother, and well done to you and all the seminarians. Off topic slightly, but I thought Nebraska was covered in feet of snow at this time of year, it looks almost spring-like!

Peter Simpson said...

I found your second paragraph a very powerful piece of writing - thank you!

Michelle Therese said...

We cannot have any more children, we only managed to squeak out 3. And yes, I'm being greedy: how can anyone tell a woman to *not* want more children?

And here are so many women throwing away their blessed babies like garbage!! While so many of us either can't have any, or can't have any more and we would give anything to fill our arms with more babies!

The world has gone insane. God help us! And God bless all of you for being visibly present as you take a stand for the voiceless unborn.

Supertradmum said...

Thank you for this wonderful posting. I have shared it on my blog.

Flambeaux said...

Actually, the Roe decision places absolutely no limitations on when a child may be legally aborted.

And, sadly, even were Roe overturned at law (highly unlikely) there are other, newer decisions that "affirm Roe" but go on to redefine it.

Those cases would also have to be overturned.

And the practical consequence of this virtual impossibility would simply be that the several states could then decide, individually or in groups, how much infant murder to legalize.

The general consensus is that, at best, only Utah and Louisiana might outlaw abortion except in cases of "maternal health concern"...a notoriously broad loophole that simply requires a legal pretext.

This is not a battle that will be won politically or legally.

Anonymous said...

A woman once went to Padre Pio for confession stating that she had had an abortion. The saint was severe with her. As she was surprised at this, he told her that the child she had murdered would have been the greatest Pope the church would have ever known!! May grant light to poor mothers who seek to murder their children in the womb. (Sorry I do not have the source at hand.)

Jim said...

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