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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fr Magdala Maria, F.SS.R. first Solemn Mass

One of the great graces that we received during our ordination-pilgrimage to Rome, was Fr Magdala Maria, F.SS.R. celebrating his first Solemn Mass in the Borghese Chapel of St Mary Major basilica.  This chapel houses the icon of Our Lady titled Salus Populi Romani which holy tradition tells us was painted by St Luke himself.

 The altar with the image Salus Populi Romani enthroned above it.

 Fr Magdala's mother and father eagerly await for their son to ascend the altar steps.

 Crossing from the sacristy on the far side of the basilica, the procession enters the chapel.

 Holy Mass begins.

 We thank God for the grace of seeing two new priests in our Congregation.

 The deacon, Fr Yousef Marie, F.SS.R. chants the gospel.

 Father elevates the host which, by the power so recently given him through the Mercy of God, has now become the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

 The elevation of the chalice.

 Preparing to distribute Holy Communion to the faithful.  Thank God for new and holy priests who are to minister to the spiritual needs of the Church.

 The beautiful cupula of the Borghese Chapel.

 Father gives the final blessing:
Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen

 At the end of Mass the hymn of thanksgiving, the Te Deum, was sung.

 The procession left the chapel as the tourists looked on.

Re-crossing the basilica and returning to the sacristy.


Kenneth said...

Thanks be to God and the Holy Mother of God!
The a beautiful photographs of a transcendent moment in a magnificent sanctuary.
Congratulations to our new Alter Christus and thank you for sharing this blessed joy.

Scott Woltze said...

It's wonderful that some tourists happened to be there. I'm sure some of them have been longing for a more beautiful and substantive faith, and there you were to show them! Deo Gratias.

Brian P. said...

I could not help but notice that in the photo captioned holy mass begins, the icon of Our Lady now appears to have a luminous gold cross over her. Is there some explanation for this, or are we privy to a sign from above?

J said...


Did you see this: 03 June 2013, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation of Causes of Saints to promulgate the following decree regarding:

- the heroic virtues of the Servant of God GIULIA CROSTAROSA (in religion: MARIA CELESTE OF THE HOLY REDEEMER), founder of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptoristine Nuns); born on 31 October 1696 in Naples (Italy) and died on 14 September 1755 in Foggia (Italy)

So, now she can be called Venerable.

Anne B said...

Congratulations to Father Magdala Maria and his good parents from a fellow Australian, and to The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer on their two new priests.

Thanks be to God for the Sacred Priesthood and for giving us another 'priest forever'!!

A magnificent basilica, chapel, and altarpiece, and an auspicious occasion!

salve said...


Anne B said...

What Brian P. commented on is a similar gift to the ray of light that beamed down from Heaven on Fr Yousef Marie, at his First Holy Mass, as the Gospel was sung!

Thanh said...


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