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Friday, December 06, 2013

A Perfect Storm

5th December 2013 saw an impressive storm hit large parts of the UK.  Here is how it looked on Stronsay, the island next door to Papa Stronsay.  Gusts were estimated at up to 80 mph, causing flooding in the village of Whitehall.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Wow, that'll blow the cobwebs out. I hope no villagers ended up with seawater in their living rooms.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to having given Papa Stronsay more than just a passing thought yesterday morning!

umblepie said...

Great video Brother! After seeing this I'm rather glad we live rather more inland! I have been asked by my son Michael - a fairly experienced semi-pro. photographer himself, 'was it time lapse photography in places?'
I don't know what he means but I'm sure that you have the answer, which I will pass on to him. God bless.

Servus Mariae said...

Thanks for the compliment! No, there was no time time lapse photography used, it was just straight video all the way through. said...

Dear Brothers
I stayed in the hostel around the first week of November 2013
The tide was high but nothing like the power of this storm
I hope all in the village were safe
And that your little boat was not damaged
Kindest regards to all
Eddy and Erin

AnnaBanana said...

I loved the video of "let the sun shine in". I was smiling within 30 seconds and I have not smiled like that in a very long time. Bless you.

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