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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

To Friends in Canada

Request for Help
Appeal to Canadian friends from Fr. Michael Mary

Shamiel 31 May, 2012

Dear Friends

In 2012 we posted this photo of Shamiel. Peaceful days. Spontaneous joy. From his life as a Youth Leader in Pakistan in 2012 he has become a refugee living from day to day in unsure circumstances.

He was forced to flee from Pakistan. But now we have heard that it is possible for a Canadian citizen, or a group of five Canadian citizens, to sponsor refugees to Canada. Therefore I am addressing myself to our Canadian friends. Could you please help him?

In the past we have featured three blog posts concerning him.They are here, here and here.

Shamiel chose the celibate life and dedicated himself to Our Lord as a Catholic Youth Leader in Pakistan. He was founder and President of the Christian Youth Development Ministry.

Shamiel addressing his listeners.

His present situation is illegal and unsafe. We support him and have visited him.

Perhaps as an individual Canadian citizen you could sponsor Shamiel's immigration to Canada?
Perhaps you are unable to do it alone but would be prepared to be one of a 'group of five' sponsors to help him?
What to do: If you are willing to help Shamiel as a refugee to immigrate to Canada please contact me.

Very Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.
Rector Major

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Konstantin said...

I cannot do much more than pray although I would chip in if money was necessary (please contact me if that is the case, Father Michael). It is a shame that so little is being done for Christians while at the same time my country is being flooded with young men from all parts of the Muslim world. I remember very well that in 2008 our Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the wish of the Catholic bishops to make it easier for Iraqi Christians to be accepted as asylum seekers in Germany. I even read that she said something to the effect that "10,000 Iraqi Christians are of no use for Germany". And now this. Conincidence? You decide. The only thing I can say is that we certainly deserved this. May God have mercy on us!

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